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So Close I Can’t Believe It

Hey y’all! I’m writing this just a few hours before my last high school final EVER. Granted it’s my current least favorite subject and I’m freaking out that I’ll fail, but STILL. After this, I have 4 days of high school left until GRADUATION.

It’s still so mind blowing to me that it is so close and I am actually going to college next fall. I’ll talk more about that in a later post, but for now I’m typing mainly to calm down my nerves before this test.

On Thursday my main group of friends and their families are coming over to my house for a barbecue and I’m so excited! This year it’s been rare that we’re all together at the same place, and after this I don’t know when I’ll see all of them next which is terrifying. They mean the world to me and we have become so close these past years.

After graduation, is my family party which I am also really excited for. On my mom’s side I’m the oldest and therefore, the first one to graduate so it’s pretty cool for everyone. And on my dad’s side I’m still only the 2nd one to graduate.

And then 3 days after graduation, my parents, me, my little brother, and my grandparents are flying to EUROPE FOR A MONTH. I am so stoked, this is the first time any of us have left the continent. We are going to London,  Normandy and Paris, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece.

The last & next few months have been, and will be the craziest of my entire life thus far. Not only did I become an adult, and I’ll finish high school and start college, but I’m also moving away from the life I’ve known for 18 years.

I’m terrified but also so excited for what’s coming next. Let me know if any of you have any exciting summer plans below!

Love y’all (Wish me luck on this math final!),

-AKA Aspen



Hey y’all! 5 days ago I had my EIGHTEENTH birthday! I know, it’s insane to me too. It was genuinely one of the best birthday’s I have ever had.

Lauren came to my house in the morning with balloons (which one of them had popped actually XD) and a CACTUS. If you don’t already know, I love cacti and this new one is so cute, his name is Spikasaurus Rex ( I know I’m genius).  We left school at around 11 to go get lunch at Culver’s, one of my favorite fast food restaurants, because french fries on your birthday are a necessity.


Then we had to get her tire changed before heading back to Zurcher’s to get another number 8 balloon before heading to take pictures at Gardner Village. I have a serious problem with laughing in basically every picture that is taken of me.

After pictures we came back to my house where I saw my car which had been getting fixed for the last week so I was super psyched! The house was also decorated which was SO cute because we don’t usually do anything like that for birthdays but my parents and little brother went all out.

We also watched an episode of Criminal Minds (Is it even my birthday if I don’t watch some Criminal Minds?) The rest of my friends started to come over and we FINALLY got to eat my favorite dinner ever, which is 7-Up chicken (my dad cooked it in the smoker this time, and agh, so good) funeral potatoes, and salad.

Since I got a new engine in my car for my birthday (what everyone wants, right?) my parents gave me a huge box of goldfish because I’m OBSESSED with a bag of Laffy Taffy and Peach Rings (my favorite candy). Bex got me a square balloon (LOVE) with a few of my favorite things, i.e, fuzzy socks, vanilla coke, baby goldfish, and a Kit Kat. Hailee got me a card for dinner and an activity.

Even though I’m technically an adult now, I chose to have a throwback nerf war, disco ball lights and battle music included. It was easily one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, I highly suggest it. Especially a version we like to call Hunger Games-James Bond where you put all of the ammo and weapons in the middle and have to run to them and then it’s everyone for themselves.


After our epic battle we had cake, where my brother sang as out of key as he possibly could. Everyone except Lauren went home so we watched another episode of Criminal Minds which is always the perfect way to end any day.

This Saturday Em, Hai, Laur, and I went to Honeyville to Crystal Hot Springs and it was a blast! We had lots of driving which means there was a lot of singing. We all decided that we’re going to laminate our homework so we can study while relaxing in the hot springs xD

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday,  my friends and family are completely amazing and I love them so much for making my day special! Here’s to an amazing year!

Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author


It sits on the counter, still and glossy.

Strobe lights flash against the blue liquid, making it gleam.

A hand encases the glass, and with teeth bared, offers it to me.

“It’s Veleno.” The smile is infectious.

I don’t know what Veleno is, but I take it from the hand anyways.

I press the liquid to my lips and throw my head back, my eyes still on the stranger.

And as he pulls me close, my eyes begin to flutter shut.

My head is clouded, I’m falling, panicking.

The last thing I see is his smile, not infectious, but poisonous.

-AKA The Author

Why the Second-Half of Senior Year Sucks

Hey y’all, it’s been a little while…again. I just got back from a weekend trip to the college that I will most likely be attending in the fall.

We went on a campus tour and all of that fun stuff, and I think that I’ll really like living down there, even if it is warm most of the time.

But at the same time… I don’t really want to go to be completely honest. I got a full ride scholarship and my best friend is even going, but I’m so stressed right now that I don’t feel confident in any decision that I try to make.

My grandparents even live down there and offered to let me live with them for free, or I could pay for housing and room with Lauren (my best friend), but I have no idea what to do.

At this point my 18th birthday seems like something I’ll never make it to, let alone graduation, or the whole craziness of trying to plan my 3 week senior trip to Europe.

And I’m really not trying to complain, I’m so lucky to have parents taking me on that trip in the first place and it will be amazing, or to have the chance to even graduate and continue my education, let alone get a full ride scholarship.

But at the end of the day I don’t know how I’m supposed to choose.

Let me know if you have any ideas, I have a feeling I’ll be writing more about all of this soon.

Love y’all.

-Aspen AKA The Author

What I Accomplished in 2017

Hey y’all… Wow it’s been literally forever since I’ve written on here. The last post I wrote was about my trip to Disneyworld… over the summer. Now it’s winter break, my last winter break, specifically. There’s 151 days til graduation (not that anyone’s counting…) and I can’t believe that this was the last Christmas I’ll ever spend before I begin my life as an adult.

{Okay I’m still finishing this and now there’s only 129 days til graduation…)

Since I’ve been absent for half of the year, and VERY busy, I figured there was no better place to write down what I accomplished in 2017.

  1. I turned 17! I’ve actually really enjoyed it for some unknown reason, but I’ll be 18 in 79 days anyways.
  2. Like I already mentioned in my last post, I went to Nationals for HOSA with my best friend in Disneyworld!
  3. I am now HOSA President, VP of Spanish Club, and a member of seminary council which is a church thing.
  4. I got a car!! Yes you heard it, I now have my own mode of transportation, I really don’t know how I survived without it before now. Its a 2010 Mercury Mariner and it’s red which is just great- although to be honest the best part is the heated seats. 20170904_175939.jpg
  5. I left the country for the FIRST TIME EVER! My family went on a cruise to Mexico and I had a BLAST! My favorite part was probably zip-lining! 20171019_152758
  6. My new baby cousin, Chloe was born and I am OBSESSED guys. She is SO freaking cute, and we haven’t had a baby on that side of my family for 12 years! Snapchat-392073769.jpg
  7. One of my now best friends Hailee, joined our “main circle” I guess you could say, and I just couldn’t imagine life without her now!  20180115_150546.jpg
  8. I started (and finished) by Emergency Medical Technician class! It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life. I finished with the highest percentage in the class (116%) and I am actually really proud of myself. Plus I found something I LOVE!
  9. I rode a bike for the first time in about 8 months! I dislocated my knee over the summer while wake-surfing, and after months and months and months of physical therapy I was finally able to ride again this week, and I had no idea how much I missed it.
  10. I got into a few colleges, but especially the top 2 I had in mind! First was Dixie State, which I got a full ride scholarship to, but is 4 hours away, and next was the University of Utah which I’ve been dreaming about since I was little. Snapchat-929113129.jpg
  11. I was on the news, twice! (Well, both in Spanish and English). For my EMT class we had a day where the heavy rescue team brought all of their tools and we pretended that there had been a car crash and we had to treat patients while they tore the cars apart and it was seriously EPIC y’all. 20180105_124413.jpg




Well that’s it for now, it’s so weird to be writing a post and adding all the pictures and y’know all that blogging stuff. I hope y’all liked it!

And yeah.. that’s it (man this is so awkward, how did I used to end these things??)

-Aspen AKA The Author


Hey y’all! It’s been a crazy past few weeks, but they’ve also been super fun! Like 3 weeks ago, Lauren and I went to Disneyworld for HOSA Nationals.

Our flight didn’t land until 11:30 or so as far as I remember, but by the time we checked in and got into our hotel room it was 2 am, and we were starving. But everything was closed and since we couldn’t leave Disney property, we starved all night until 6:30 the next morning when Lauren and I woke up to head to Animal Kingdom.


First we went on the Safari, and it was really cool, all of the animals were really close up!


After that, we watched The Circle of Life, which is just a show about the Lion King and that was also really cool. The monkeys did an acrobatic routine that was really fun to watch!

We also went on a lot of the rides and our favorites by far were the Dinosaur and Everest, because it’s an actual roller coaster and I love heights.



We decided to hop over to Hollywood Studios that same day and went on a lot of the rides they had along with the Indiana Jones stunt show. We went on Star Tours like 3x in a row because it was air conditioned xD


To finish off the night we watched the Fantasmic show and it was awesome! It had fireworks and all the classic music, and they even set the lake on fire.

The next day we went to Epcot before opening ceremonies, and it ended up being our favorite park. All of the countries were so cool, and we loved the ride Soarin’. On the way back to the hotel we decided to take the monorail which ended up being a huge mistake and we got lost in Magic Kingdom somehow. On the bright side, we talked to one of the security guards who was from Scotland but knew about the rivalry between BYU and Utah and made us laugh even when we were freaking out.


After opening ceremonies we went to Magic Kingdom with out roommates for the extra magic hours and got to go on Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain with literally no line, it was great.


Thursday we had competition so afterwards we spent the day just chilling at the hotel and then headed over to Disney Springs, it was really fun to see something like that because we have places like that in Utah but the atmosphere was so different.

Friday, we made the insane decision to try and hit every single park in one day. We started with Magic Kingdom and breakfast at Be Our Guest (a really cool experience btw) It was blasted hot that day so waiting in line felt like forever, especially Splash Mountain because the wait was like an hour and a half, but that’s a classic and it was fun so it was worth it in the end. The mine train was also a really fun one. On the way out we grabbed an infamous Dole Whip and headed back to Hollywood.

In Hollywood we went straight for Tower of Terror which was one of my favorite rides, I love heights and the parts where your just free falling are sooo fun. Next we ran (almost literally) to Rockin’ Rollercoaster which was also super fun. it plays Aerosmith music and goes super fast.

Next on the list was Epcot, because we had a few more countries to see and presents to buy for our families. We found bracelets in China with the year of the snake (the year they were born) on them, and I got my dad a maraca and a hacky sack from Mexico. We also ended up getting ourselves matching carved rings in Mexico too that say “Laur” and “Asp”.


Finally we made it to Animal Kingdom, feeling half dead. I was seriously walking on my tip toes my feet hurt so bad. The whole reason we decided to hit all 4 parks again was to go on the Avatar ride in the new world Pandora that just barely opened. The whole entire section as SO COOl.  Since it was dark everything glowed, and all the lamps were black lights. The line itself took 2 hours, but thankfully we had this cute family with a 6 year old boy and his older sister to keep us busy the whooole time. He talked our ears off, but he was hilarious and it took my mind off my feet.

Throughout the line the whole thing was set up to look like a lab with an avatar in a chamber and everything, the ride was essentially you syncing up with an Avatar to ride a banshee and it was AMAZING. It was 4D and I would honestly go back just for that ride, I’m SO glad we decided to go back for it.


Saturday we slept in for so long and then went to the waterpark! They had some pretty good slides and the water was so nice because it was so hot. The wave pool was also really cool, but it was MASSIVE and we almost died a few times. I know I got hit in the head by some flying children for sure.

After closing ceremonies we headed back to the hotel to pack and Face time Ryann until 1 am, which was also really fun just to talk to her and have time to actually talk since everything wasn’t so busy.

We had to leave to the airport at 4 am so we only got 45 minutes of sleep, but it’s okay because we were all so ready to come home. It was funny how all of us said that we missed the mountains since Florida is so flat. I got some really cool pictures of the mountains as flew over them!

Ryann came to the airport with my mom to pick us up and brought us Beto’s breakfast burritos (basically pure heaven), chocolate milk, and flowers because she’s literally the best. She even stayed with me all day to repack since I left the next day for Red Cross camp.


I had so much fun and I’m SO thankful that I got to go, and that I got to do it with Lauren. It’s definitely something I’ll never forget.

I hope you’re having a great summer! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author

My Summer Bucket List!

Hey y’all! Since this is my last summer in high school *gasp* I decided that I might as well make it a good one, so here’s my summer bucket list! 

P.S. The pictures are from Lauren’s yard- we had a rose petal fight. 

  1. Do a bike race 
  2. Go to a drive-in movie 
  3. Go camping with my friends
  4. Make a photo album
  5. Go to the mill pond by my aunt’s house 
  6. Have A bonfire WITH all OF my SCHOOL papers
  7. Read “Jane Eyre” 
  8. //Amp up my blogging game //
  9. Leave notes in library books
  10.  Go zip lining
  11. Go on LoTs and LoTs of bike rides
  12. Play some good old foursquare and tether ball 
  13. Take my cousins to the splash pad 🙂
  14. Spend some nights playing {video games} with my brother 
  15. Dig up the time capsule I buried the summer before 10th grade….

I hope you liked my summer bucket list, I just got back from the spa (yeah, you heard that right, THE SPA) Amy took me for my birthday and we got massages and facials, and just let me say I was in heaven. Everything was so fancy and calming and smelt amazing. It was also a great way to recuperate from the bike race we did on Saturday! 

I did it with Amy, my mom, my aunt Julie, my cousin Sienna, and a bunch of other ladies. We decided to ride 40 miles and just keep it relaxed and fun which definitely worked. BUT the first 9 miles of the ride my mom was dying, (we were seriously going 9 miles an hour) and it was her first race and all but we were so confused as to why she was so tired. Come to find out, her back tire was rubbing the brake so bad that it wasn’t even moving. Now I have no idea how she even went as far as she did like that. 

 That’s enough of my rambling, comment down below something on your summer bucket list! 

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 

//The Mountains Don’t Make Me Smile Anymore//

It rained today.

It came pouring down, hard against the roof of the car as I drove.

I turned off the radio so I could hear it pound as loud as I wanted to cry.

I ached for the tears to run down my face,

but there I sat, out of the storm, in the confinements of the drivers seat.

Watching, experiencing the emotion through a glass windshield.

I used to smile when I saw the mountains, because they reminded me of you,

just like the rain.

But today when I turned down my street and saw them there,

my heart sank.

It was just another rainstorm on another Sunday on another road in suburbia, USA

yet to me it was just another sign that the rest of the world will never stop even when I fall,

Even when it makes no sense for life to carry on at all.

So for now, I’ll drag myself along on scraped hands and knees until I can stand on my own two feet,

Taking the bad days and the good days one by one farther down this street.


The End is Near!!!

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile- I’ve been super disconnected from the blogging world as of late. Spring is always extremely busy, but it’s also when my mood starts to get better every day. The weather has been so warm- it’s basically summer already.

For my birthday, Easter, and spring break my family and Lauren’s went up to Bear Lake for the weekend and it was such a nice break. We just explored and went to Logan to this little zoo and got Aggie ice cream and just had a really chill trip.

Last night I went to see the opera Don Giovanni, and it was really good! The whole thing was in Italian, with English subtitles. The singing was beautiful and it is a darker comedy which I found hilarious. Plus who doesn’t love Mozart’s compositions?

Also, today I finished the Book of Mormon! That means I’ve read that, the Doctrine and Covenants, Old Testament, New Testament, and Pearl of Great Price. Which is a grand total of 89 books, and 1,587 chapters. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN CHAPTERS PEOPLE.


My AP U.S. History test was last Friday, and I spent the whole month of April studying my butt off (we did at least 40 hours of studying. At least.) I don’t want to jinx anything, but the test itself went really well. The topic of the longest and hardest essay we have to write, was basically heaven sent.  I’m pretty sure the entire room breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the words “American Revolution”.

Now that the test is over, school is basically over. I have a few things left to do in some classes but for the most part we just watch movies or do nothing until the end of the year. Gotta love wasting time, but its all good because I like the social part of it.  PLUS it gives me time to plan for this summer and next year!

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before on here, but I am on the seminary council for next school year. Seminary is the optional class we take for my religion at school, and every year the teachers and then other church leaders pray to pick a group of kids to be on council. This year there are 12 of us, and we have had 3 meetings so far. I already love all of them, they bring such a light to my life. I’m so excited to learn and grow from their testimonies and friendships. Plus the group chat is hilarious, and we all speak sarcasm.

The other thing I’m going to be involved in next year is HOSA (A club for future health professionals) council. I interviewed to be on council and decided to apply for President and Vice President, because why not, and ended up getting chosen to be president! ALSO, my good friend Emily is secretary, Hailee is historian, Lauren is treasurer, and Ryann is communications officer.  I am so pumped for us all to work together next year, but the girl who got chosen as VP is not happy about it. She thought she deserved to be President because she was on council last year. I understand where she’s coming from, but I hope it’ll all blow over by next year.

BUT before next year- I have the summer which is going to be a BLAST! Literally the day after school ends, I have the Little Red bike race and I am doing the 100 mile again (hopefully?)  The next weekend I will be in Lava Hot Springs, and 2 weeks later I will be leaving to FLORIDA WITH LAUREN FOR HOSA NATIONALS!! I’m so excited, we now actually have time to start studying and practicing for the competition, and I know it’s going to be a trip I remember for the rest of my life.

The only downside is that we fly back Sunday afternoon, and super early Monday- we leave for ANOTHER WEEK LONG TRIP. Well it’s actually a Leadership Development Camp with the Red Cross. So we’re going to be exhausted but it’ll be a blast.

Other than that I have an overnight adventure camp and girls camp, but there will be more on that later in the summer.

I’m hoping that I will be able to keep up with blogging this summer even if it is crazy- I’ve missed looking back on what I’ve done and having it for future reference.

I’m pretty sure the next post I do will be on the awesome planner I just bought- so stay tuned for that! Comment down below what your plans for summer are

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author




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