This is the prologue to my story, let me know what you think!

My name is Lucifer Mae Virtue, I’m seventeen years old, and I have an older sister Anarchy. I was born in Chicago, and we moved to New Orleans when I was three.  

My parents are general goofballs, and very embarrassing, hence the names. We obviously don’t go out in public with people calling us by our full names so to most people we’re Luci and Ana. Perfectly normal names, perfectly normal people, in a perfectly normal family.

I can’t help but laugh out loud at at that, I couldn’t have really believed that, could I? I guess a lot of things can change in a year. I pick up the blue pen on my desk and write-

As if. I used to always think my name was a curse. A bad omen that I would mess up royally or destroy everything around me somehow. And I did, accidentally of course. But it wasn’t because of my name, my name is actually what helped me solve the mess I’d unknowingly created. After I’d gotten some sense smacked into me.

Anyways, as I stated before, I don’t know who I am. I don’t know if what I’m doing is what the old me would do, or if the old me would  approve., but I know what I’m doing is right.

So here I am, dropping a notebook in an abandoned cabin a few miles from enemy territory. I know you’ll track us down and find this. Good, we want you to.

There’s no way to put this nicely, so I won’t. We’re coming for you, and you won’t survive.  

See you soon. -Lucifer (After all I am your worst nightmare)


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