Hey, hey, hey! So I just realized that I never introduced one of the best people I have ever met to this site! She is not only an amazing friend, but also a large part of my pursuance of writing. This is a thank-you letter to her:


First off I’d like to thank you for teaching me so many things. Being the headstrong, bossy person I am, its hard for me to slow down and pay attention. But you do it effortlessly, you are so patient with everyone, always encouraging even when I probably don’t deserve it, and the kindest person I have ever met. You would be willing to do anything for those you care about, and everyone knows it. Hopefully everyone around us can learn from you, just as I am.

Secondly, the things that most people don’t realize about you. While you are patient and kind, you are determined. If you want something done you will work hard to get it, and I want you to know that I admire that a ton. Keep trying your best, I know you can and will succeed. Your also hilarious! You probably don’t even realize it, but sometimes you say that funniest things that can crack me up for hours! Especially when I’m sassing you and you say something sassy back and get that horrified look on your face as if you killed a kitten.

When it comes to writing, there is so much. You’ve stayed up late hours as I bounced countless ideas off of you through excruciatingly long text messages and emails. You’ve read through so many scenes that I’m surprised you haven’t changed your e-mail yet. And the character names! Oh the names, you probably know enough baby names to name all of your future kids and nieces and nephews. Thank you for never telling me to stop writing and that it was useless, thank you for encouraging me to keep writing and reminding me that its what I love to do.

Thank you for everything, I hope you have learned at least something from me in these past years. I couldn’t live without my editor!

P.S If you’re reading this Emmy, or if anyone else is, feel free to comment below!

Love, -A.K.A The Author