One by One: Bex


Okay so I started a post like this with all of my friends recognized, but I decided to do them individually as I had a specific experience to share.

Skip over them if you don’t want to read about some random stranger 🙂 It’s just that this blog is about my life, and they take up a large part of it. They’re responsible for getting me through the hard times, laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

Bex is one of the sweetest, gentlest people I know. She is incredibly smart, but also a bit of an airhead. She is weird, just like me and has some wicked awesome ideas. She’s my study buddy and is always by my side.
I would write more, but I feel like this conversation between us sums it up:

Bex– Dude, i think that about myself all the time. That i should just keep my writing to myself because its stupid, repetative, cheesy, etc. those are things i have only thought about my writing, But when i look at your writing i think, wow how does she do that, she makes a cheesy situation look like it came out of shakespear. I hope you know that i would hate to see you quit writing because you have a gift. And you seem to love it, i would never judge your writing with anything more than a slight suggestion, constructive critisism, even if i wanted to say something mean, i couldnt even begin to find anything to say without being stupidly critical like for example telling you that that character cant die because so many characters have died in other stories, that kind of stupidly critical.  so keep going, its only saitin telling you its dumb because he knows that youre too good, and that you could inspire others like myself. Your the reason ive found joy in writing, the reason i tell myself to keep going no matter how stupid abyone else may tell me it is
Me– Rebecca Ann Allen, why on Earth did God ever let me meet someone like you?
Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I look up to you. I may joke about you being the weak one, but it’s never true. Being gentle and patient and sweet is a talent, not a hinderance.
True friendship isn’t about trusting someone with one secret or laughing every once in awhile.
True friendship is about knowing the other person inside and out.
Disagreeing when you know what’s good for them, and always telling the truth. Even if it hurts.
And that’s how I know you’re telling me the truth. I know you would never lie to me about something this important on my life or even something small.
I know that because you are a true friend. And I could never imagine, dream, or create a better friend than you.
Thank you.
Bex– Thankyou aspen. Earlier this summer i always thought of how i would feel if i lost you. I knew i would be lost myself, and thats something i Cant say as truthfully about a lot of people, but you, i always saw you as smart, talented, kind, and i wondered what the heck i did to deserve a friend like you. I thought that i didnt deserve someone like you, but you make me feel like im worth more. When you call me weak, i knew that you meant in my lack of physical strength, but i also knew that you didnt think less of me for it, that you knew where i was strong, you know how far is too far, or at least with me. I just thank god that i met you after i discovered how far was too far, but i feel i still have much to learn in that area. I just hope that someday i dont end up saying something stupid to mess up our friendship, because thats something i cant afford to lose. You have had such a greate influence on me. You along with a few others are the only ones i trust with my life, i know that no matter what i say, you accept me. Thank you for that.
Me– Always. Infinity to wherever the heck you want to go. I’ll be right there to support you. You will never, ever be weak in my eyes. Your physical strength doesn’t have 1 ounce of influence on what I think od you.
I am so grateful to be a part of your life and be able to have all the blessings you bring along to everyone else you meet.
I don’t even care if this sounds cheesy, we were supposed to meet.
I was supposed to move to West Jordan and go to Sunset. You were supposed to miss out on the ALPS program and move eight houses away from me.
Maybe we were made to not be sisters so that we could see fully how important someone can be in our lives and how we can form bonds that do take work but will always be worth it.
I am incredibly thankful and astonished at how far we’ve come, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our friendship.

I decided to keep the mistakes since I copied it directly from my text messages. As you can see, we get a little sentimental at three in the morning.

How many people do you have in your life that casually make you feel like the most important person? A lot I hope, because you each deserve it.

-AKA Aspen


4 Replies to “One by One: Bex”

  1. Awwww, you make me feel so loved. I love you too girly 😉 maybe we should text at three in the morning more often, except for the fact that I can’t spell anything right at three in the morning.


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