It Has Begun

Today was my first actual day of school. Dun, dun, duuun! And it was long, and exhausting, but not too bad I guess.

My AP Physics teacher is super chill which is really nice, and my AP European History teacher is pretty cool too. (Even if she assigned two three page essays as summer homework and gave us a test today).

And you won’t believe it, but in math, we actually did math. I mean who does schoolwork on the FIRST day of school?! It’s ridiculous if you ask me. Plus my Spanish teacher will only speak Spanish in the classroom. She seems like a cool person, but seriously? I’ve taken two years of Spanish and although I do know quite a bit, I only understand the main gist of what she’s saying.

Tomorrow I get to see how debate, seminary, english, and orchestra go. Wish me luck…..

I really hope this school year goes well, I tend to stress until the point where I get physically sick. Does anybody else do that??

Hope I didn’t bore you all to death. Till next time.

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