As of Now

As of now, debate class is completely legit (Yes, I said legit). We had to do an impromptu speech on ourselves and then write the outline for impromptu speeches where you get a topic, one minute of prep time, and have to talk for six minutes.

Next for English, we had to read To Kill A Mockingbird, and although the beginning sort of drags on, the rest is amazing! I highly recommend reading it, I learned a lot.

And lastly, orchestra. So in my class is my best friend Bex, and our other friend I’ll call Lewis, (Like C.S. Lewis, get it?) who is actually a best friend. I’ve known both of them for about three years. . And then there’s the new kid, Charles. (Charles Dickens….) He likes Criminal Minds too so it was basically an automatic friendship. Long story short, he’s joined our trio.

And I really wanted to write something meaningful, and worth reading, but right now I’m writing a short story and kind of just giving an update. Los sientos mis amigos (Sorry my friends).

If you want me to upload the short story I’m currently writing, comment below! A new chapter update should be up by tomorrow too so…..

Have an awesome, amazing day!


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