Q and A


As you can probably tell, I was nominated to do the Q and A tag by the amazing and lovely, Elm
and Teenage Lunatics. Thank you so much, it means truckloads!!

1. Respond and rework, answer the questions and change the ones you don’t like.
2. Nominate 7 other people!

I’m going to take some of the questions from Elm, and add some of my own.

1. What is your current book obsession?
Well I just finished 13 Reasons Why. It was really good, and gave me an interesting perspective on suicide.

2. Favorite author?
Well this is ridiculously difficult but one of my favorites is Cassandra Clare.

3. Fashion style?
Jeans and t-shirts my friends jeans a t-shirts. (At least it’s a step up from basketball shorts…)

4. Hair?
Really long dark brown with a little bit of auburn. I recently got it layered though and it’s the shortest it’s ever been.

5. Favorite songs to play on cello?
I love playing Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, and some Brian Crane songs.

6. Why is today special?
Well we’re going to see my great grandma in the hospital for what may be the last time before she passes away. And it’s my cousin Sienna’s 13 birthday l, so happy birthday to her!

7. What is something you would like to learn?
I want to learn to play another instrument other than cello, and learn more languages.

8. Future plans?
I want to go to either medical school or do something with human behavior. I also want to go on a mission, have a family, and travel!

9. What are you listening to right now?
Hymns. I’m currently in sacrament meeting at church.

10. Favorite color?
Purple or red.

11. What job did you want as a kid?
I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Probably because I was, and still am always injured.

12. Most challenging goal right now?
Trying to balance friendships. And adding school to the mix also.

13. What can you not live without?
Mi familia, including my non-blood related friends. They’re family too.

14. How was your childhood.
Really good, other than my many hospital visits.

15. Favorite book of all time?
Okay so I love The Mortal Instruments, and To Kill A Mockingbird, but ever since childhood my favorite book has been Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

16. What would you like to get rid of?
The thought in society that somehow telling us to be ourselves, and telling us we’re not good enough makes sense.
Oh and every other bad thing in the world πŸ˜‰

17. What are you most excited for?
Either debate team or basketball.

18. What’s your favorite type of music?
Country all the way.

19. Which countries have you visited?
Sadly, only the US of A. But I hope to visit a ton!

20. The last movie you watched?
Mulan! My all time favorite Disney movie!

I nominate (In no particular order)
1. Dreams and Movie Screens
2.One Million Words Can’t Make A Wrong Write
3.Every Word You Say
4.Autumn Accepts
5.Katie Bun
6.Teenage Lunatics

-AKA Aspen


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