My Editor

Hey, hey, hey! So I just realized that I never introduced one of the best people I have ever met to this site! She is not only an amazing friend, but also a large part of my pursuance of writing. This is a thank-you letter to her:


First off I’d like to thank you for teaching me so many things. Being the headstrong, bossy person I am, its hard for me to slow down and pay attention. But you do it effortlessly, you are so patient with everyone, always encouraging even when I probably don’t deserve it, and the kindest person I have ever met. You would be willing to do anything for those you care about, and everyone knows it. Hopefully everyone around us can learn from you, just as I am.

Secondly, the things that most people don’t realize about you. While you are patient and kind, you are determined. If you want something done you will work hard to get it, and I want you to know that I admire that a ton. Keep trying your best, I know you can and will succeed. Your also hilarious! You probably don’t even realize it, but sometimes you say that funniest things that can crack me up for hours! Especially when I’m sassing you and you say something sassy back and get that horrified look on your face as if you killed a kitten.

When it comes to writing, there is so much. You’ve stayed up late hours as I bounced countless ideas off of you through excruciatingly long text messages and emails. You’ve read through so many scenes that I’m surprised you haven’t changed your e-mail yet. And the character names! Oh the names, you probably know enough baby names to name all of your future kids and nieces and nephews. Thank you for never telling me to stop writing and that it was useless, thank you for encouraging me to keep writing and reminding me that its what I love to do.

Thank you for everything, I hope you have learned at least something from me in these past years. I couldn’t live without my editor!

P.S If you’re reading this Emmy, or if anyone else is, feel free to comment below!

Love, -A.K.A The Author


Back To School Advice

Note: These tips are for High School, if you want to see my tips for middle school click here!

Around this time of year, we are surrounded by the groans of children’s and teens slamming alarm clock buttons, and zipping up backpacks. Yes, it is almost here (or already here, depending on where you live and go to school), the dreaded back to school. Le gasp! Ay ay ay, I think I have a headache already.

Although school can be terrible and exhausting, there are a few good things we can look forward to like seeing our friends, and….. And…. I got nothing.

Hopefully I can make it a little easier with some tips and advice!

  1. Try it Out!: Trying out for a sports team or musical program can be terrifying, do it anyway. Even if you don’t make it, there’s no room for regrets afterwards.
  2. Not all Teachers are The Enemy: Although they give you homework, some teachers are really funny and nice. I’ve personally found that they really do care, and give great advice.
  3. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep: Yeah, yeah we can all sleep when we’re dead, but you’ll really be regretting partying or watching Youtube until 4 in the morning when you have to pay attention in math class the next day.
  4. Stress is Useless: That quiz in science isn’t going to determine your future, people will forget that one time you sneezed on your crush, and worrying about failing convinces you that failing is an option. Don’t stress, it’s high school not the olympics.
  5. Talk To the New Kid: It doesn’t even have to be the new kid, just somebody you’ve never met before. You don’t know anything about them or maybe you do, for all you know you could be best friends in two weeks.
  6. Extra Credit: You might not think you need it, but extra credit never hurts. Extra credit is a rare and valuable prize in high school. Extra credit= Life Saver.
  7. Pay Attention & Participate: I know, boring, but you have no idea how much stuff is on tests and homework that the teacher already explained in class. Taking notes is also really helpful. This includes answering and asking questions in class. This makes teachers more willing to help you.
  8. Friends: While you don’t have to be friends with everyone, it is nice to have people to hang out with and that care about you. Once you find these people, make sure you make an effort to be a good friend to them also. They can get you through the hard times, and even schoolwork.
  9. Save Money: Whether you’re about to drive or do drive, you  need money not only for the car, but also for gas. Money is also important if you want to go shopping with your friends, or go out for lunch sometime.
  10. Learn From Those Around You: This could go from peers and friends to parents and other family members. If they’ve gone through something you are going through,take the advice.You don’t have to rely on it completely, but keep it in mind. If somebody around you has done something stupid, and they tell you not to, you probably shouldn’t. Why make the same mistake twice?
  11. BALANCE: Balance is probably the largest piece of advice I can give to anyone when it comes to school. Schoolwork is a large part of what you’ll be doing. It’s important to finish assignments, stay on task, and study for tests. On the other hand, it is also very important to have a social life. Now this doesn’t mean hanging out with all the cool kids, and going to parties every weekend. It could mean hanging out with a few of your close friends, going to school dances, and sports games. You  also need alone time. Time to relax, and think, and not worry about anyone else.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and they will help a little! I’m thinking about doing more back to school posts such as recommended supplies, study tips, etc.

Also a big shout out to dreams and movie screens for all the extra ideas! Check out her amazing blog here!

Remember to like, comment, and follow for more!

-A.K.A The Author

Lessons Learned: Just Stand Up

I spent this past weekend camping up at one of my favorite places, Bear Lake. Bear Lake has been a tradition in my family since I was born, and it’s even where we met our best friends. They are currently building a cabin there so my family  decided to join them for a weekend at the lake.

One of my favorite things to do at the lake is boating. I love tubing, and especially wakeboarding, but this time they had something new for us to try: surfing. Granted, there aren’t natural waves large enough to go surfing so we had to create our own and surf behind the boat. Unlike wakeboarding, your feet don’t have shoes to slide into they have to sit on the board, and instead of holding a rope with a bar you  get a rope with knots so that you can surf without the rope.

When I got out onto the lake with the board under my feet and the rope in my hands, I kept repeating what they had told me: just stand up. So when I yelled, “Ready!” and the boat started going I flew backwards and swallowed what felt like gallons of the lake. I was choking on freezing water trying to swim towards the board that was now floating away.

Once I could breathe, I was adamant on trying again. This time I finally got up on the board, but in seconds I had leaned backwards and splashed into the lake once again. This happened a few times, each crash bringing along another bit of advice. Hold onto the rope more, pull yourself up, try to balance, don’t lean back, etc.

I then found myself trying to follow each tip, completely forgetting the first thing I was told: just stand up. When the boat started I gripped the rope, holding on for dear life, and flew. The board was long gone behind me as I gripped the rope and flew through the air until I realized that I needed to let go. My fingers slipped from the thick rope slamming into the lake moments before the rest of my belly-flopped.

While swimming towards the boat, I found myself unable to move my knees. Somehow smashing into the water had hurt them, even if I had been doing it all morning. So I took a break from surfing, and sat in the boat joking around with my brother about how I looked like Tarzan.

The next day my knees felt better so I decided to try again, but each time I tried I found myself doing the exact thing I had done the day before and still unable to get up. By the time I recognized what I was doing wrong, my knees and hands hurt too much to try again.

On the way home I was thinking about how long it was taking me to learn how to surf, even when  it took me two tries to wakeboard, and surfing was supposedly easier. The difference with wakeboarding was that I didn’t expect anything of myself. I had never tried anything of that sort before, and had no expectations of what I would or wouldn’t be able to do. But with surfing, I expected myself to catch on easily and surf as well as I could wakeboard. I was stressing myself out over trying to do every single thing perfect when the only thing I really had to do was just stand up.

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