The Lovely Blogger Award


So I wrote this on Thursday so the writing is a little off time but I’m too lazy to write something else…..

Hey guys! So I just got home from a homecoming parade and saw that I was nominated by Unfashionable Cupcake and The Inspirational Dreamer! Thanks loads guys your awesome!!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank whoever nominated you
2. List 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate up to 15 other bloggers

Here we go:

1. I just burned our schools logo. For traditional and homecoming purposes since it’s the job of science club. Picture below.


2. I just got a snapchat! Which if you know me, is a big deal since I don’t like social media. (My username is aspen411 in case you’d like to hit me up 🙂

3. I am violent, mainly in thought but also in action.

4. One side of my bed is broken right now.

5. I’m waiting for my friend to go on a bike ride right now!

6. Our float for science club was the Polar Express theme…..

7. Ummm I only have 1 sibling, a 12 year old brother.

And I nominate:

Dreams and Movie Screens
The Adorable Artist
Elm’s Writing Treehouse
Teenage Lunatics
Love, Sydney


Her Crumbled Castle

Sorry I haven’t been updating and I’m not going to give an excuse even if it’s a good one because I’m not going to act like a 6 year old. For once.

Anyways, this is going to be another free write so sit back and enjoy!

“Get out!” She stood from her chair, screaming the moment he pulled out the sword.
“Relax Mae, I’m just returning it to you, not causing any trouble.”
She raised an eyebrow, last time he took it she was grounded for three weeks.
A charmed sword is nothing to mess around with, especially when it’s given to you by the King himself at the Ceremony of Knights.
She grabs the clear blade from his hand pulling it to her side.
“Don’t worry Kade, you’ll get yours soon enough” She smirks, “once your old enough.”
“Two months! Your only two months older!” He pulls a hand through his brown hair, blue eyes sparkling in frustration.
“Whatever. Ready to go?”
He huff but nods, grabbing her hand as they walk outside.
Her house wasn’t grand, but big enough to fit her and her four brothers. Kade’s house has been  down the street all their lives, but he basically lives at Maella’s.
They’d been best friends forever so when he suddenly planted one on her in the middle of a family dinner, no one had been surprised. Except for her.
That was two weeks ago, and neither has brought it up since.
With her hand in his Maella sighs, “Kade…”
“Yeah?” He says absentmindedly, drawing circles on her palm.
“We never really talked about how you kissed me.”
“What about it?”
“I don’t know, I was just wondering – nevermind.” She shakes her head glancing at him from the corner of her eye.
He stops in the middle of the sidewalk, stepping underneath a tree. A deep orange peeks through the leaves as the sun sets. The King wanted to start training at night in preperation for battle.
“Yes you do. I’ve known you since the day I was born, literally.” She smiles at this this but begins to talk.
“Did you kiss me because you wanted to or because you thought you had to.”
He full on laughs, “Mae if I kissed you because I thought I had to I would’ve done it a long time ago. I didn’t kiss you till know because I was nervous.”
“Oh.” So he actually liked her? She obviously suspected, but that that’d he’d actually said it…
“Okay” She smiles looking up at him.
He presses a soft kiss to her lips, “Good. We’ll know that that’s settled, I’m pretty sure we’re almost late to training.

When they get there, the battlefield is dotted with bodies.
“They must’ve already ready started” Kade whispers.
Man, they’re going all out Maella thinks, ducking behind a cement block to avoid “enemy” fire.
“Let’s head to base and then join the fight.”
“How are we supposed to get into base when they’re in a full on battle session?”
She waves the clear sword in his face, “Official Knight remember? I know a secret way.”
Kade turns away, mumbling something under his breath that s.ounds like, So not fair, and looks towards base.
“Mae” he gulps, “look.”
She peeks over his shoulder, looking for anything suspicious around the castle. But the castle isn’t standing there, it’s laying on the ground in crumbled pieces.

So tell me what ya’ll think!

Dear Future Husband


We always say we don’t need a man, but eventually somewhere in our minds we want one. Either for our present or future selves.

And yes, I do want a guy to like me for who I am, not what I look like. I do want a guy who can look past my faults and make me a better person, someone who makes me happy.

But most of all, I want someone that makes my life better.  In my opinion there’s no point in maintaining a relationship when you were happier or just as happy without it. Let’s face it, a relationship is alot of work and if its not worth it, I won’t take part in it.

This also means that I will fight for a relationship if he makes me happier than I would be without him. And that I will try to make him happy too. Too often we think that making a guy happy is a bad thing, but if your not bending over backwards and he’s making you happy, doesn’t he deserve to be happy too?

So here’s a letter to him.

Dear future boyfriend/spouse/ whoever you are,
            I hope your happy, honestly I do. Because if I’m with you, then you make me happy so thank you. If I’m not, just say so, don’t be afraid to tell me if something bothers you. I won’t be.
Hopefully we make the most of the time we get, and even if we do fall apart, I hope it was worth it.
P.S. If we are married, I apologize for my crazy sleeping positions.
                                 Love (maybe),

-AKA Aspen


Hey guys! This’ll be quick, I promise.

As you can tell by the title, I was just wondering if any of you would want to skype. It sounds really fun too me so that I can get to know ya’ll better. Let me know what you think!

Are any of you watching football? Its the start of thr NFL season today, although there was one game Thursday and a few will be tomorrow.
I’m drowning in misery over here since my team is losing to their enemies, the Packers. Cough, cheese heads, cough. Fingers crossed for a miracle but it’s already fourth quarter. I’d like to blame it on our new coaching staff but the defense isn’t blocking worth a crap and the Packers hold like crazy.

Sorry for my football rant, that is a pretty big focus of my life this time of year. If you’d like to Skype leave me a comment/email!

Love you guys 🙂

-AKA Aspen

The Leibster Award

A huge shout out to Liv for the nomination! She’s an amazing writer and blogger!

These are the rules:
-Link back to the person who nominated you!
-Answer the questions
-Nominate up to 11 other bloggers (With less than 200 followers)
-Create 11 questions for the nominees
-Notify the bloggers you nominated

Questions from Liv-

1.  Have you ever been camping?

Yup, I go camping all the time since I was little! I’m named after a tree for goodness sakes 😉

2. Do you prefer milk cold or warm?

Uhhh cold. Who drinks milk warm??

3. If you had to rewatch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Criminal Minds, I’ve seen every episode. Its an obsession.

4. What is the most akward situation you’ve ever been in?

Either telling you’re best friend of 4 years you don’t want a relationship after accidentally leading him on. Or explaining to a college guy your still in 8th grade or 9th, now 10th.

5. Do you have a weird habit?

I bite my lip a lot or come up with the weirdest sayings. Probably a few other things I can’t remember…

6. Do you like where you live?

Yes, I actually do! We have all 4 seasons, the city, the country, the forest, lakes, and deserts.

7. Favorite type of weather?
Rain. I was born while it was raining actually.

8. What color is your hair?

Dark brown

9. What is your favorite sport?
Basketball technically, but also cycling. But I love watching football.

10. What is your favorite subject in school?

Either English, Debate, or Orchestra. AP European History is actually pretty cool so far too.

11. Have you ever been asked to model?

Other than by friends… no.

Here are my nominees:
Dreams and Movie Screens
The Adorable Artist
Teenage Lunatics
And their questions are:

1. Favorite Disney character?
2. Describe your favorite blanket.
3. Favorite classical song?
4. If you could k ow the answer to any question, what would it be?
5. What story does your family always tell about you?
6. Would you rather go to a play or musical?
7. Travel by sailboat or cruise ship?
8. What makes you angry?
9. What is your favorite time of day?
10. If you got a novel published what would it be about?
11. What’s your Zodiac sign? Does it pertain to you?

-AKA Aspen

An Update About…. Everything

I have no idea what to write about, but I really felt like writing, so here I am. Well I’m sick for the second weekend in a row. I swear to goodness my immune system doesn’t even exist. I’m still in a good mood though since my favorite college football team won last night. The game was really fun, but I was exhausted after being awake for 19 hours. Bex had somehow butt dialed me in her sleep at 4:30 in the morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Plus we didn’t get home from the game until almost midnight. I just can’t stand long distance relationships with my bed.

Anyways, I have tons of homework I should probably be doing so I’ll probably blast Pandora and try to get some of it done before tomorrow. Any recommendations on music?

My current obsession is either Like A Wrecking Ball by Eric Church or Break Up With Him by Old Dominion. Yes, they’re both country. That’s normally all I listen to (No I don’t live in the South), but I’m always up to suggestions.

How are you guys doing? I actually do care btw.

Oh and one more thing! So I’m sure you are all aware of the Syrian refugees in need of basically everything. Bex and I are going to talk to our principal and figure out a charity concert to help raise money for housing, food, water, etc. If any of you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!

A Letter From Bex

Hey this is Bex! :mrgreen: also known as the adorable artist.  Aka the Author and I are doing a collab, so I’m writing a very special letter to her on here,  and she’s doing one on my site.  So without any further adou, hope you enjoy!

Dear Aspen,

Words can’t explain how much you mean to me,  but I can sure as heck try.  When I entered the new school year I didn’t know what to expect,  but it certainly wasn’t meeting one of the most awesome,  understanding friends  I know.  Over the years I have gotten to watch the two of us grow up, you’ve been there for me through thick and thin.  You put up with my insanity and go insane with me. I never have to wear a mask around you. If I  act childish, then you’re always right there beside me with a swingset.  I could come to you ranting about a transvestite grim reaper and you’d sit there and laugh Along with me.  And trust me that situation comes up more than you’d think. I know we’re polar opposites, but our thought process is so similar that we always know what the other one is thinking. You never leave me in a bad mood,  you never think less of me because of what I can’t do, and our sense of humor is so aligned that I don’t have to lighten up around you. Basically you are the perfect pair of sweat pants. Not too clingy or rough, comfortable,  and always rocking what you got. You don’t need to act like a high end pair of jeans,  you’re perfect the way you are,and you’re loved by many. Haha, well I better finish before I make more fashion analogies,  hopefully this doesn’t become a thing with me 😅. You’re kind,  understanding,  hilarious, and awesome.  I couldn’t dream up a better friend if I tried.  Love you 🙂

-bex ❤

-AKA Aspen


This is another freewrite, tell me what you think!

Everyone that falls in love lands differently.
Some land comfortably on two feet.
Some are forced to maneuver the high rocks and deep valleys.
Some crash into the ground and crawl just to stay alive until they can heal and walk again.
Some get stuck between two rock walls, unable to move on.
And some never stop falling.

-AKA Aspen

A Freewrite

Image result for new street at night from above

Okay so freewrites are when I just sit down and type something without any ideas or anything and just see where it goes. I haven’t edited this or revised it or anything, but I felt like postint it so…….

“Don’t do it” he pleads. Something inside me aches, but not my heart. If it actually worked I wouldn’t be doing this.
“You don’t have to, you know. No one is forcing you to do this.” I know, and that makes it so much harder. I focus on anything but him.
The thin, stained carpet reeking of rubber and antiseptic. The worn leather couch I called a bed for twelve years. I take a deep breath turning away him to the window.
The road below mirrors the sky above, stars and car lights revealing shadows of drunks and dreamers. I was once a dreamer, a hopeless romantic on the adventure of a lifetime.
I left New York and moved to a small town in Alabama. Bought a small house and fell in love. But it was all too much, my past didn’t match the present.
A worn leather couch to a cozy white bed. A cat-call to a sweet southern accent. A house to a home.
So I came back, to where I thought I deserved to live. But I don’t, I don’t deserve to live.
I look up at the sky and think of the stars, and as I fall I think of him.
His sweet southern accent, his warm hands, I think of how his carpet will smell like rubber and antiseptic when he scrubs the blood out of it. My blood.
And then I scream, regret throbbing every muscle in my body. He doesn’t deserve to clean up the mess of my scars, he doesn’t deserve to feel what I felt.
As I hit the ground I feel warm hands and the smell of rubber and antiseptic.

Chapter 2

I’m sorry it’s so short! And I know excuses don’t count but I’m sick and still have hw……  But here it is:

I regain conciousness moments later in the back seat of a car. Pain smothers my sweaty legs which are stuck to the leather seats.
The door above my head is pulled open as people reach in to pull me out. I’m laid out on a stretcher and pulled out of the parking lot.
I recognize the tan hospital building from last winter when I tripped over the couch and broke my wrist.
My eyebrows huddle in confusion, “I’m not hurt. Why am I here?”
A nurse in dark purple scrubs glances down at me “You have some serious burns around your ankles. What were you doing walking in a burnt down house?” She shakes her head and keeps walking.
I must’ve been looking for Blake and Heidi I decide. But Blake and Heidi are gone, and they’re never coming back. I force myself to ignore the feeling of Heidi snuggling her head into my neck when she gets shy. And the sound of Blake chuckling every time I tripped.
“You must be in a lot of pain sweetie. ” Not the kind you think I grimace bitterly.
“So we’re going to put you under, okay?”
Yes, thank God. “Yes.”

So…..that’s it. Sorry *winces*

-AKA Aspen

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