Chapter 2

I’m sorry it’s so short! And I know excuses don’t count but I’m sick and still have hw……  But here it is:

I regain conciousness moments later in the back seat of a car. Pain smothers my sweaty legs which are stuck to the leather seats.
The door above my head is pulled open as people reach in to pull me out. I’m laid out on a stretcher and pulled out of the parking lot.
I recognize the tan hospital building from last winter when I tripped over the couch and broke my wrist.
My eyebrows huddle in confusion, “I’m not hurt. Why am I here?”
A nurse in dark purple scrubs glances down at me “You have some serious burns around your ankles. What were you doing walking in a burnt down house?” She shakes her head and keeps walking.
I must’ve been looking for Blake and Heidi I decide. But Blake and Heidi are gone, and they’re never coming back. I force myself to ignore the feeling of Heidi snuggling her head into my neck when she gets shy. And the sound of Blake chuckling every time I tripped.
“You must be in a lot of pain sweetie. ” Not the kind you think I grimace bitterly.
“So we’re going to put you under, okay?”
Yes, thank God. “Yes.”

So…..that’s it. Sorry *winces*

-AKA Aspen


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