A Letter From Bex

Hey this is Bex! :mrgreen: also known as the adorable artist.  Aka the Author and I are doing a collab, so I’m writing a very special letter to her on here,  and she’s doing one on my site.  So without any further adou, hope you enjoy!

Dear Aspen,

Words can’t explain how much you mean to me,  but I can sure as heck try.  When I entered the new school year I didn’t know what to expect,  but it certainly wasn’t meeting one of the most awesome,  understanding friends  I know.  Over the years I have gotten to watch the two of us grow up, you’ve been there for me through thick and thin.  You put up with my insanity and go insane with me. I never have to wear a mask around you. If I  act childish, then you’re always right there beside me with a swingset.  I could come to you ranting about a transvestite grim reaper and you’d sit there and laugh Along with me.  And trust me that situation comes up more than you’d think. I know we’re polar opposites, but our thought process is so similar that we always know what the other one is thinking. You never leave me in a bad mood,  you never think less of me because of what I can’t do, and our sense of humor is so aligned that I don’t have to lighten up around you. Basically you are the perfect pair of sweat pants. Not too clingy or rough, comfortable,  and always rocking what you got. You don’t need to act like a high end pair of jeans,  you’re perfect the way you are,and you’re loved by many. Haha, well I better finish before I make more fashion analogies,  hopefully this doesn’t become a thing with me 😅. You’re kind,  understanding,  hilarious, and awesome.  I couldn’t dream up a better friend if I tried.  Love you 🙂

-bex ❤

-AKA Aspen


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