Her Crumbled Castle

Sorry I haven’t been updating and I’m not going to give an excuse even if it’s a good one because I’m not going to act like a 6 year old. For once.

Anyways, this is going to be another free write so sit back and enjoy!

“Get out!” She stood from her chair, screaming the moment he pulled out the sword.
“Relax Mae, I’m just returning it to you, not causing any trouble.”
She raised an eyebrow, last time he took it she was grounded for three weeks.
A charmed sword is nothing to mess around with, especially when it’s given to you by the King himself at the Ceremony of Knights.
She grabs the clear blade from his hand pulling it to her side.
“Don’t worry Kade, you’ll get yours soon enough” She smirks, “once your old enough.”
“Two months! Your only two months older!” He pulls a hand through his brown hair, blue eyes sparkling in frustration.
“Whatever. Ready to go?”
He huff but nods, grabbing her hand as they walk outside.
Her house wasn’t grand, but big enough to fit her and her four brothers. Kade’s house has been  down the street all their lives, but he basically lives at Maella’s.
They’d been best friends forever so when he suddenly planted one on her in the middle of a family dinner, no one had been surprised. Except for her.
That was two weeks ago, and neither has brought it up since.
With her hand in his Maella sighs, “Kade…”
“Yeah?” He says absentmindedly, drawing circles on her palm.
“We never really talked about how you kissed me.”
“What about it?”
“I don’t know, I was just wondering – nevermind.” She shakes her head glancing at him from the corner of her eye.
He stops in the middle of the sidewalk, stepping underneath a tree. A deep orange peeks through the leaves as the sun sets. The King wanted to start training at night in preperation for battle.
“Yes you do. I’ve known you since the day I was born, literally.” She smiles at this this but begins to talk.
“Did you kiss me because you wanted to or because you thought you had to.”
He full on laughs, “Mae if I kissed you because I thought I had to I would’ve done it a long time ago. I didn’t kiss you till know because I was nervous.”
“Oh.” So he actually liked her? She obviously suspected, but that that’d he’d actually said it…
“Okay” She smiles looking up at him.
He presses a soft kiss to her lips, “Good. We’ll know that that’s settled, I’m pretty sure we’re almost late to training.

When they get there, the battlefield is dotted with bodies.
“They must’ve already ready started” Kade whispers.
Man, they’re going all out Maella thinks, ducking behind a cement block to avoid “enemy” fire.
“Let’s head to base and then join the fight.”
“How are we supposed to get into base when they’re in a full on battle session?”
She waves the clear sword in his face, “Official Knight remember? I know a secret way.”
Kade turns away, mumbling something under his breath that s.ounds like, So not fair, and looks towards base.
“Mae” he gulps, “look.”
She peeks over his shoulder, looking for anything suspicious around the castle. But the castle isn’t standing there, it’s laying on the ground in crumbled pieces.

So tell me what ya’ll think!


8 Replies to “Her Crumbled Castle”

  1. Aspen, you’re an amazing writer, and I wish I was as good with words as you! ❀ OBSESSED with your stories, I mean, if these were in a book, I would not be able to put it down!

    Liked by 1 person

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