Yo, yo, yo! Or as my December 1st mindset would say, ho, ho, ho! Okay so it just barely hit me that it is actually Christmastime. Aaaggh I LOVE Christmas. I love being able to snuggle up with my fuzzy blanket and hot chocolate, watching another rom com that my mom talked me into. Or buying and giving away funny, meaningful gifts to my friends. And spending Christmas Eve with all my little cousins, opening homemade presents wearing matching pajamas. Or watching them pile toys and gifts into a bag and bring them to the door of the family we’d chosen to give Christmas to that year.

I could go on forever…… but ANYWAYS

About 5 seconds ago I decided that I actually really want to do blogmas. I think it would be a really fun and motivating way to help me blog more often.

And I’m sorry for all the absence, but I’ve been in quite a lot of pain lately so every moment I’m not at school or the hospital, I’m attempting to sleep.

But back on topic, I do have a few ideas for blogmas such as:

  1. On my “Christmas Wishlist” is paint and stuff to finish my secret room (a room above my closet like in the ceiling) so I could post pictures and writeups of the decoration, painting, carpetry, ladder building, all that jazz. I think this would be really fun! I’m super excited to get this all done, my family built our own house so I’m pretty into construction projects.
  2. Christmas Story- I could write one actual story throughout the month of December, write a story for one day of blogmas, or do different stories for a few different days.
  3. Ideas for what to give people
  4. Christmas Traditions
  5. Christmas Haul
  6. How to serve/give during Christmas
  7. Different Christmas-y foods, activities, etc.

Would any of you like to see any of these posts? There’s no point in writing something nobody wants to read, so let me know! Also comment any other ideas/posts you want me to do!

Love ya’ll!! And Merry Christmas Eve^23!


8 Replies to “Blogmas?!”

  1. First off, you’re BACK! And yes I would love to see all of it! And you have a secret room, that is just too mind blowingly cool. (It was so cool I made up a word;) )

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