Hey ya’ll! So since yesterday I almost started ranting about all the things I love about Christmas, I decided to write it out today and just get it all out of my system XD



  1. Snow (It’s so fun and gorgeous, especially here with the best snow on Earth 😉
  2. Cold Weather (Unlike most people, I LOVE the cold weather)
  3. Boots (My usual cowboy boots, black boots, soft boots, you get where I’m going…)
  4. Sweaters (Ahhhhh I’m wearing the fuzziest, softest sweater right now. I have an OBSESSION with sweaters. Not even kidding)
  5. Hot Chocolate (Especially with little marshmallows and peppermint in my special cup)
  6. The Fireplace (We have one right in our front room that is AMAZING)
  7. Blankets (I already have an obsession with blankets, but there is one super faux fur fuzzy one I have that takes the cake. All of my friends know about it, that’s how in love with this blanket I am.)
  8. Family (I’m the oldest of 13 cousins and all of them are VERY dear to my heart)
  9. No School (The break is SO nice)
  10. Lights (They’re sooo pretty)
  11. Spirit (Just the overall happiness and joy that Christmas brings)

I decided to do 11 since it’s my lucky number and I still have homework to do……. Comment below what you’re favorite things about Christmas are!

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^21