Blogmas Day 4; Storytime

Hey ya’ll. My cousins just came over, including the baby and it was awesome. My parents were gone so I got to spend with them alone. We read some Christmas stories, ate dinner, and played Just Dance for awhile. Oh yeah, and I found out the baby is a candy junkie. She was even hauling around a giant box of candy XD.

Anyways, back to day four of blogmas! I’ve had a ton of amazing Christmases (Is that a word?…), but I decided to write about one in particular.

When I was 11 my family of four and our VERY good family friends Amy and David who have one little boy Summit who was at that time 6 years old. They’re from Wisconsin so we piled all 7 of us into an SUV with all of our presents and winter gear and drove 24 hours.

Now there is something you should know about my brothers (One isn’t biological, but he counts). they love licorice and cheetos, and they are VERY messy. The car roof is still stained orange in the back. On the drive I remember going through Iowa past a slaughterhouse and it smelt so bad and I had to pee really bad too. It was terrible.

Once we finally made it to Wisconsin we stayed at our David’s parents house for a few days. On Christmas day, we got up, opened presents and our parents left to Green Bay for the Packers vs. Bears game. I got left behind with the boys and grandparents, and miraculously my “brothers” cousin Hayle who is my age. We all drove to the Kalahari, which is the world’s largest indoor water park.

It has a massive water park (obviously), a go kart track, laser tag, a ropes course, full on restaurants, and more. The water park was AWESOME and the day after the game our parents joined us. While swimming one day there was this creepy life guard who kept following Hayle and I around. Now remember he was about 19 and we were 11. It got to the point that Amy had to go tell him how old we were and to stop following us.

Our whole group took up all the go karts so we always had our own private little races which was really cool. One day while we were walking around, they had baby tiger cubs in the front area. All of the kids got to go pet it and take pictures, and since I was on the end I got to feed it a bottle. It was soooo cool.

After the water park we were going to go to the Mall of America, but there had been a shooting that day so we decided to drive down to Chicago. My family is Bears fans so we went and got a tour of Soldier Field, even though my parents had already been to a game. We also went down to the pier and got the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.


All in all, I LOVE traveling way more than I like normal Christmas presents, I feel like you remember the experiences so much more. Where have ya’ll traveled for the holidays? This year I went to Arizona for Thanksgiving and got a tour of the Phoenix Cardinals stadium and got to ride a camel!

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^20


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  1. Wow you are lucky, I’m not going anywhere for the holidays, but I went to Devon (England) last holiday and Florida the holiday before, which was amazing.

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