Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Wishlist

Okay I’m actually writing this on Sunday even though you’ll be reading this on Monday. I’m not exactly sure if I’ll have time to write tomorrow so I’m doing it today…..

This is my Christmas Wishlist for this year! Although most of these I’ve already picked out/bought or whatever…

  • ASU trip: For debate we’re taking a week long trip to Arizona State University for a tournament and this counts as part of my Christmas
  • Heated Blanket: AAggh I can’t wait to use this thing!!
  • Clothes: I got some boots and a sweater already, and I think we’re going shopping today. I really need clothes for the tournament…
  • Fuzzy robe: It’s sooo soft and grey!
  • Twin necklace: My twin (not biological) and I are getting necklaces for each other
  • Paint, carpet, etc: To finish my secret room!

Well this is all I really know of that I want for Christmas. What’re ya’ll asking for?

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^18- Aspen from the past XD


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