Blogmas Day 8: Christmas Tree Reveal

Hey ya’ll. So my family normally goes up into the mountains and cuts down a tree the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we were in Arizona so… that didn’t really work out. This past weekend we drove out to a  tree lot and picked out one that was already cut.

It’s about 11 feet tall, which is 5 ft smaller than the one we got last year. It was MASSIVE. But this one is a little fuller and still really pretty. Plus it smells good, I LOVE the smell of pine trees and there’s something about Christmastime that makes it even better.

ANYWAYS….. I should probably shut up and get onto the “reveal” part XD


This is the whole tree from ground level, sorry about the ladder we haven’t moved it yet.


This is the view from upstairs, it’s so weird calling it that…. There’s only one room up there so we just call it a bonus room.

On our tree we have like this theme thing

which includes red….



And some white/clear ones…

And then there’s a few silver snowflakes and three words, joy, peace and hope. Hope is mine (for obvious reasons) so that’s why there is a picture of it.

And then my brother and I have our first Christmas ornaments. Mine’s a cute little mouse in a nutshell bed with the top of an acorn dangling over it. Ooh and the back of the pillow says 2000, which is the year I was born.

Insert random pictures….. here:



Well there you have it, my Christmas tree reveal. What do ya’ll put on your trees? Do you have any favorite or special ornaments?

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^16

7 Replies to “Blogmas Day 8: Christmas Tree Reveal”

  1. What a tall tree!! I love how Americans have the tradition of cutting the tree ahahaha, we dont really have those here in Indonesia. So instead we have our plastic tree which is quite alright and we get to use it every year hahaha

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  2. Ooo how absolutely positively lovely Aspen! I love it, every aspect. I have begun to think that every tree is it’s own family’s legacy, changing yet always beautiful.

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