Hey ya’ll, how’s it going? Today wasn’t that bad, I’m writing an essay on Shakespeare’s, Merchant of Venice, and it’s coming together really well! My best friend, Bex got put in “jail” during lunch so Charles and I were wondering where she was the entire time. (You can pay to put someone in jail and they have to pay the same amount to get out and all proceeds go to our Paws for a Cause thing that donates money to families in our area who need help). During orchestra we weren’t playing and Charles kept poking me which drives me insane, but it’s whatever.

For the 10th day of Blogmas, can you believe Christmas is only 15 days away?! FIFTEEN DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!! *Clears throat* Sorry, for the 10th day of Blogmas I’m writing a letter to Santa.


Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I want to do something else. Instead of asking for something, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for all of my amazing childhood Christmases, thank you for making me believe in magic. For inspiring so many children during the holidays. For being a picture of pure happiness. Although a lot of people would say something to the effect that Christmas isn’t about silly things like Santa Claus, I say you are a big part of it. Not the toys you bring, but the spirit. For showing the world that a jolly old man with a red suit can bring the entire world cheer.

And I may have lied a little bit, I do want to ask you for something this Christmas. I want happiness. I’m not a happy go-lucky type of person, but I really enjoy seeing everyone around me happy. As I write this I can picture all their smiles, Lauren with her head tilted sideways, Bex with half-closed eyes. Ryann rolls her eyes, trying to stop the smile from even happening. Charles doing whatever he feels like at the moment. My parents shaking their heads, my brother hugging my side.

I want to bring them some happiness this year, not just the burden I’ve been the last couple of weeks. And it’s been hard, it still it. But they deserve it, they deserve it so much. Even if it doesn’t always seem like it, they’re so strong. You’ve been watching, so you know. You know that they’re what keeps me afloat when all I want to do is sink.

So could you please, pretty please with a cherry on top, bring them some happiness?

Love, Aspen. xoxox

P.S. Good luck this year, there’s a lot of good boys and girls 🙂


Thanks for reading! If you could ask Santa Claus for something, what would it be?

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas
Hey this is ryann. Aspen is my fav