Blogmas Day 11: FOOD!!!

Hey ya’ll, I just got home from my first day of debate tournament, and I’m EXHAUSTED and we have to be back at 6:30 am tomorrow…. Oh well, I love it.

Anyways because of my rxhaudtion, I’m going to make this post kinda short.

First, I’m going to talk about sugar cookies. But not any sugar cookies, the best sugar cookies known to mankind. My mom has the most fantastic recipe ever, and I would share it, but it’s a secret. Sorry……. Anyways they’re so soft and delicious and we gave them out to our neighbors as a Christmas gift. They’re about a foot long in the shape of a tree all decorated with candy!
Insert picture…. here!:


A recipe I cam give you is my favorite hot drink ever. Now I love hot chocolate too, but this wins. Plus it’s super easy.
Step 1: Heat a glass of milk
Step 2: Add honey, a drop of vanilla, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Step 3: Enjoy!

And that’s it! What are some of your favorite “Christmas” recipes?

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^14


8 Replies to “Blogmas Day 11: FOOD!!!”

  1. your debate tournaments are so long! mine are just three rounds each, not including the finals. do you have the results for the 3 rounds yet?

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