Blogmas Day 12&13: What I’ve Received

Hey ya’ll. So… I missed yesterday again. I had debate tournament till late and I was so exhausted and THEN we had people come over for dinner. Since I missed yesterday, today is going to be a 2-part Blogmas post.

Keep in mind, in no way am I bragging, I just had an idea for how to do this post in two different parts. If you are going to be offended just don’t read. 

First, some of my favorite material objects I have received for Christmas.

  • My hybrid bike: It is half racing bike, half normal bike which is perfect for training. You can even switch between larger and smaller tires.
  • A Pandora bracelet: I LOVE this thing, I have a bunch of meaningful charms on it from my family. And it looks pretty classy.
  • My Cowboy Boots: AAAgh I am STILL in love with these and wear them ALL the time. They’re so comfortable and actual cowboy boots so I can ride my aunts horses.
  • Fuzziest Sweater in Existance: Enough said.
  • TV in my room: Okay this is mainly so that I can watch Phantom of the Opera on repeat for hours. Literally. And trust me, I definitely have. How else would I have the entire thing memorized?

Okay I’m getting sick of listing material objects… so onto part 2!

Metaphorical/ Meaningful objects I have received for Christmas:

  • Time with my family: Unlike the stereotype of teenagers, I love spending time with my family. My brother is like my permanent best friend, and I get along with my parents really well.
  • Love: From many, many different people, shown in many different ways.
  • Happiness: Everything about Christmas makes me so content and just… happy.
  • The Spirit: Okay so this is going to be more religious so you don’t have to watch the video if you don’t want to, but you are definitely welcome:

He Is the Gift Video

Just click the link above, scroll down, and the video will be right there! Hope you like it 🙂

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^11


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