Blogmas Days 17&18: STORY TIME!!!

Hey y’all. So… today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for! (Can you at least pretend….?) My Christmas short story! I honestly have no clue what it is going to be about so I’m just gonna wing it……


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.


Okay, this was technically and apartment. And the 19 year old girl knocking over the Christmas tree isn’t exactly a creature. Ornaments roll across the carpet floor, jingling and crashing into each other. She groans loudly, face implanted into a tree branch. She rolls off of the tree onto her back and stands.The once tall tree is now slumped against the wall, hanging awkwardly over the couch arm.

“Really? Really?! This is why I told Jack he couldn’t leave before Christmas!” She yells to the ceiling. She takes a deep breath before picking the tree back up and rearranging the ornaments. A gurgled scream erupts from the other room, echoing through the small living room.

“I’m coming” she jogs into the bedroom and over to the crib. Lifting the crying baby into her arms she begins to whisper to him, “Hey baby, shh. You’re okay, mommy’s got you.” He continues to cry, writhing in her arms.

“I know something  you’ll love Caleb” she pulls out her phone and it begins to play. By the first notes he has stopped crying, and turned to look at her with big familiar blue eyes.

I’m wishing on a star, and trying to believe…..  The best time of the year, when everyone comes home. With all this Christmas cheer, it’s hard to be alone. 

But not impossible, she thinks to herself. As the song continues Caleb cuddles in her arms, unaware of the teardrops hitting his blanket.

“I bet you’ll look like him, you already do. You’ve got his eyes, but you definitely have my smile. He used to make fun of me for it, how our lips twitch right there.” She touches the corner of his mouth and he giggles.

“I’ve got to say, you already have good taste in music. You  would’ve had to if he were still here. He wanted to be a music teacher, you know. Maybe you’ll play an instrument.”

Flashes of white in the window catch her eye. “Look Caleb! It’s snowing!” She moves to the window, lifting his head so he can see out the window. His eyes are locked on the window, in a trance at the white flurries. She smiles at her son, watching his mesmerized face.

“I hope you don’t push me away like he did. We deserved better, Caleb. He might not even be dead yet, but I don’t know because he wanted to spend his last hours driving away from anyone who ever loved him!” Cracked sobs shudder through her body, suffocating her from the inside out.

Her phone rings from within her pocket, and she knows. She curses herself for jinxing it, and begins to cry even harder. “I hope you know I loved your father, and he loved you too.” She whispers, combing a wisp of hair behind his ear.

An hour later she sits on the couch, Caleb in one arm, hot chocolate in the other. The text message circles her mind like a merry-go round.

He wanted you to have a merry Christmas. 

No goodbye or I love you, she already knew he did. He just wanted them to be happy. She looks down at her beautiful baby boy with a watery eyed smile,

“You’re my merry Christmas.”


Hope y’all liked it! Should I do more things like this or nah?

Love y’all and Merry Christmas Eve^6

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