Blogmas Day 19:

Hey ya’ll, this is another Christmas short story, hope you enjoy! But I’m too lazy and it’s too late right now to write it all out, so here’s a sneak peek. If you can guess what the situation/topic is I’ll do a post of your choice, so comment down below!



December 23rd,  Alex crosses off the small square with a bright red X. He grins widely, slinging a duffel bag across his shoulder. He’d been granted special permission to go see his son be born just in time for Christmas.

“You ready to be a father Alex?” Daniel jokes, slinging his arm over Alex’s shoulder. “Lots of diapers and screaming.”

“Don’t listen to him, you’ll love it.” I roll my eyes. Alex just grins even wider, “I can’t wait to meet him.”

Now I smile too, remembering what it was like when my daughter Andri was born. And then the twins Caleb and Cade.

“Just wait until you have three.” Alex crinkles his nose, “I think I’m good for now.”

“You’re so lucky dude, I wish I could go home. Even for just a few days.”


That’s it! Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^5


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