Bad things and Good People

Hey ya’ll, sorry for missing Blogmas today but I have to be up at 5:45 am tomorrow since we’re going to volunteer at a homeless shelter for debate. And my “twin” is getting jaw surgery so I’ll be visiting her.

This is just a thought I had during our conversation:

There’s always the questions of why bad things happen to good people, why they’re the ones handed trial after trial. But as I got thinking and realizing that my trials make me who I am, and that they force me too look at the positive, I started to question the notion.

So do bad things happen to good people or do bad things make people good?


2 Replies to “Bad things and Good People”

  1. Wow, deep question. Ummm I think that people just have to experience things in life and it’s the way they react to those events that make them the way they are. So it’s not necessarily that bad things make people good, it’s that they were already good and fought back to show how strong they were. Get it?

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