Writing Competition

Hey ya’ll. This is for the writing competition by The Inspirational Dreamer aka Liv. I chose the topic nightmares so I hope you guys like it! (And I told you I’d have it done today, Liv!)


He wanted her to hurt. He wanted to hear her toss and turn at night, whimpering in fear of what she’d seen the night before. And if by a rare chance she got a glimpse of sleep she’d wake screaming convincing herself that reality could possibly be better.

So he made it happen. He dreamt the most terrifying things in order to put them in her head. Stories of unfinished lives and horrifying monsters at every corner. Stories of being completely forgotten or being forced to watch the world die around you. But these stories were real.

The lives he created in his head lived and breathed in another world. The nightmares were more than dreams of death, they were murder. People killed by their own creator. To them, he was God. An all powerful being who gave them life. And with a snap of his fingers, he would take it away in the most horrid ways.

And she knew. That’s why she screamed, gurgles of agony for thousands she couldn’t save. Thousands of people she couldn’t save, including herself. After all these were all examples of her possible future. Her life was in his hands. Or rather, in his head.

“Please, please, just die.” He begs, head gripped in his hands. She sits in the room of his frontal lobe, ever present. She shakes her head, caramel hair flipping over her shoulders. She refuses to kill herself, she refuses to lose.

And he refuses to kill her. She was his first creation, and he loved her, still does. But he wants so badly for her to leave,

“You don’t get it, they say I’m crazy. And if you don’t go away I won’t ever leave.” Again, she shakes her head. Because she knows he’s not crazy, she’s not a figment of his imagination. This man, this monster, isn’t some mental health patient. He has the power of a God, he is one.

Her heart aches for every sob he lets out, because she too loved him once. But even those we love have to pay. So she waited, until he realized that if he wanted a free life again he’d have to pay the price of everyone he killed, and he’d have to kill her.

The people he terrorized weren’t just strangers in strange worlds, they were friends and family. After all if he was King, she was his Queen. He left her abandoned with no place to go, even if she wanted to. She couldn’t simply escape him, she was trapped in his mind. Eternally left to dream of the life she could have had.

But he ripped it all away, and now they were stuck here. So close to one another, it made them feel so much more alone. The Queen with enough love for an entire universe, but filled with enough rage to watch the ones she loved fall. The King with a heart of gold, but the body of a cold-blooded murderer.

Both yearning, begging, pleading, dreaming for a different life, a different future.

The being not quite man and not quite monster raises the white flag of surrender and pulls the trigger.

As two lives leave the body, the dreamers finally escape their nightmare.


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