Blogmas Day 20 & 21: Storytime Part 2

Hey y’all this is the rest of my last blogmas short story! Hope you like it 🙂


December 23rd,  Alex crosses off the small square with a bright red X. He grins widely, slinging a duffel bag across his shoulder. He’d been granted special permission to go see his son be born just in time for Christmas.

“You ready to be a father Alex?” Daniel jokes, slinging his arm over Alex’s shoulder. “Lots of diapers and screaming.”

“Don’t listen to him, you’ll love it.” I roll my eyes. Alex just grins even wider, “I can’t wait to meet him.”

Now I smile too, remembering what it was like when my daughter Andri was born. And then the twins Caleb and Cade.

“Just wait until you have three.” Alex crinkles his nose, “I think I’m good for now.”

“You’re so lucky dude, I wish I could go home. Even for just a few days.” Jack sighs

“You just can’t wait to get back to your new wife, little lovebird.” Jack only shrugs with a sheepish smile.

Alex gives us each a hug before leaving, grin still in place.

“You remember what to do, right?” Daniel is all business now, but when Alex nods, he relaxes.

“Thanks bro, Merry Christmas.”


December 24th, the twins are fighting over who gets to eat the chocolate from the advent calendar.

“But you ate it yesterday!” Caleb exclaims

“I’m older!’ Cade yells. From the other room they sound more like six year olds then thirteen year olds. Typical.

“Cade! It’s Caleb’s turn, now shut up I have to finish this.”

I turn back to my computer at the almost four page email I had compiled to send to dad. It had “letters” from each of us and pictures from the last few months.

I scroll through it once again, making sure that everything is just as it should be when something catches my eye. The boys had written an extra letter.

Hey dad, it’s Caleb and Cade. (Cade says his name should be first, but I’m writing so…) 

We’re doing good, but we miss you. We really want you to come home, but we know you’re busy. I hope you don’t forget us too much.  Mom and Andri miss you alot too. Mom carries your picture with her everywhere and Andri refuses to go to school without your bracelet. 

Everett, you know her boyfriend came over a few days ago, and it was really fun. We all still really like him, did you know they’ve been together for two years?  But that night we heard Andri crying in her room. He told her that he wanted to go into the military, just like you. And she doesn’t want him to leave, she’s afraid he’s going to forget her. But he loves her alot dad, he told us. And he asked us if we could get this letter to you. 

We love you, Merry Christmas dad. 

By the time I’ve finished reading their letter my eyes are wet with tears, but I’m smiling. Below their letter is one definitely written by Everett.

Hey Chris, how’s it going? We all miss you over here, especially  during the holidays. But I have some questions I think you can answer. I want to go into the military. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I know it’s what I want to do. But then there’s Andri, and I love her, I really do. I don’t want to lose her. But I don’t know what to do. How do you and Mrs. P stay happy while you’re over there? 

I hope I’m not just wasting your time. Merry CHRISmas, get it? 

I laugh, shaking my head at my idiot of a boyfriend. I can’t believe he snuck a letter to my dad inside of the email. In all honesty, I know he won’t forget me. But I know how hard it is to stay together in these kinds of situations. My parents have been doing it since before I was even born. I don’t know what to do.

I miss you daddy, I really need your help. xo Andri 


December 25th, we’re all up at the crack of dawn waiting for letters from our families. I’d read mine a few minutes ago, and the smile had never left my face. Although it’s hard to believe my little girl is already worried about her future with a guy.

I just wish I could be back home with my wife, and my kids. To be able to help ease the tension and share my experience instead of just a few lines. But I chose this, and that’s all I get, so I write.

I love you all s0 much, Merry Christmas. You boys are so sweet to help your sister like that, I’m proud of you. Christine, I love you so much my dear, you have no idea how grateful I am for everything you do while I’m away. Andri and Everett, it’s going to be hard, I’m not going to lie. But if it’s worth it,  you will find a way. I love you both.  -Dad 


Love y’all and hope you liked it! Merry Christmas Eve^2


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