Is It Okay?

Hey ya’ll. The other night I got to thinking about how many girls believe they aren’t beautiful. And then it hit me, I’m not one of them.

I mean I don’t think I’m gorgeous by any means, but I know I’m not ugly. Physical appearance, really hasn’t ever been a struggle for me. Is that okay? Is it okay to not worry about it, and not be insecure? Or do I just seem cocky and ignorant?

Even when it comes to personality, I’m not very insecure about it. I know I can be bossy and sarcastic, but I know that I try my best to help others. Is that okay? Is it okay to know that while I have my redeeming qualities I’m not worried about all my faults?

Is it okay, to be okay with myself? Is it okay, to love me?


24 Replies to “Is It Okay?”

  1. Yes its completely okay. Loving yourself when the entire world is trying to put you down should be considered as a jewel, a rare quality that everyone does’nt have. Quite often people mix narcissm and the love that one has for one’s own self. Knowing one’s own talents and flaws is the best thing but being proud and narcisstic about changes the entire game.

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  2. Of course that’s okay. I heard a saying once that was: before you love others, you should learn to love yourself. I think it’s brilliant that you love yourself. If only I could come to terms with my looks and who I am, my life would be a whole lot happier. Xx

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  3. VERY okay, my friend. You’ve just realized sooner what the rest of us will be struggling with for a long, long time–so give yourself a pat on the back for being so accomplished πŸ˜‰

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  4. Wait.
    You’re a girl too?!
    This is like the third time this week I discovered I’ve mixed up blogger genders! What’s wrong with me >_<
    Also, you should be proud of yourself. You know you're okay. Not ugly, not gorgeous (though I have no proof of that πŸ˜‰ ), that's really balanced and just awesome!

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    I thought it was because it’s weird reading someone talk about you on the internet and I always thought like ‘oh Aspen get over yourself your girlfriend’s a blogger deal with it already’ but turns out I was so wrong xD
    Oh god Ellm has to see this she’d die laughing

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