Hey ya’ll. So I woke up with a sore throat and just ugggh, but there are many lovely people who deserve to be recognized so here we go.

Blogger of the Year: The one and only Elm. Even if she REFUSES to accept it,*cough* weirdo *cough* she is Queen. She’s been here ever since I was a wee little blog child, and is an adorable person.

Blog of the Year: Dun dun dun, Liv! Agh I can’t even tell you how much I love her. I’m always looking forward to her writing and to see how she’s doing. Especially when we find (yet another) thing that makes us blogging twins.

Kindest Blogger: This would probably have to be xclaudiasthoughtsx, she has been of of the kindest people to me, even if I haven’t known her very long!

Funniest Blogger: aVeryAwkwardBlog, I haven’t known him very long either, but I’ve already gotten a good laugh.

Best Photographer: This would definitely be Love, Sydney. She always has beautiful pictures on her posts!

Best Adviser: LyfWithEm. She is always giving me advice on what to do, and how to stay positive.

The Newbie Blogger: This would have to be Dziey, she’s just. Well, her.

Prettiest Blog: Hmm well now that she’s FINALLY back, it would be Dreams And Movie Screens. She was also the FIRST person to follow my blog.

Most Helpful: Definitely Sam O. Bscure . Even though we mainly talk over kik, she is ALWAYS asking how I’m doing and trying to help.

Most Optimistic: I’m going to have to say Sunny here, no matter what she’s always there with a comforting comment that makes me smile.


I love all of you so much, even if you weren’t nominated and appreciate everything you’ve done to support both this blog and me. Especially right now, it definitely means more than you could ever know. So thank you all!

-Aspen AKA The Author