I’m Back!!

Hey y’all! So I just got back from Arizona and I’m EXHAUSTED.
I was throwing up almost the entire night and then we were still stuck on that thing for 13 hours. But I felt a little better in the morning.

During the trip I had an amazing time, it was so fun to hang out with the team and just get away.
Debate family is one of the best families. The support given to everyone is unmatchable. Like our motto says, “One team. One goal.”

I am so greatful for everyone on that team that I get to know. Which brings me to introducing you to a few people you need to know:

First off, Hala. Hala is well, my Hala-lujah. She’s one of the sweetest, strongest, smartest people I know even if it’s packed into a small adorable body.
She’s so caring but also jokingly sarcastic.
This trip it was awesome to spend more time with her, we even got matching shirts xD
I really appreciated her always making sure I’ve taken my medicine and a king how I’m doing.

Next, Cassey. Cassey is Hala’s best friend and they have been since elementary.
Cass is well, amazing. She has the most amazing vocabulary, random but true. I love how she always signs out what she saying or how she laughs so hard she is literally gasping for breath.
She’s always there to help in school, offer me knowledge, and back me up.

Last, but not least is Jess. Jess is Cassey’s older sister who is two years older than us. On the bus ride there and back I had the opportunity to get to know her really well.
She is actually a lot like me and we get along just great.
Her hilarious puns and jokes always make me laugh. Even if she is violent…..xD (Not really, it’s an inside joke)
She is also very smart and caring and always makes me smile.

I am so not ready to go back to school tomorrow….. but hey at least we all have the same lunch so I get to see them!
Love y’all
-Aspen AKA the Author


Yeah debate team put this in the fountain….. we think we’re funny…..


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