Part 2: Favorite Comments

Hey y’all, on the first part of my 100 followers post, I showed you guys some of the first comments on my my blog. On part 2, I will be posting some of my favorite comments 🙂

Note: I love and appreciate ALL of your comments, these are just a few I’ve picked out.

Elm (said):Yes it is, Aspen! It’s MORE than okay, because you’re seeing the fantastic person you are.

Luna (said): Sending all the hugs your way because NOBODY deserves this. I really hope you’ll be alright and recover well. Stay strong xo


Sunny (said): “More than you deserve”? Come on, Aspen!! I know you better than that. You deserve the very BEST, and you’ve been so strong through all of this. Everyone crumbles every once in awhile. I’m always here if you need some encouragement or just want to chat. And I’ll always be rooting for you!

AVerywkwardBlogger (said): No one deserves this. NOBODY. I feel really awful. Everyone is so vulnerable.
You know, if there is one tiny good thing I’ve picked up, it’s that you’re not as worried/apalled as the people close to you. Does that mean that it’s all just a cycle of sadness? People get sad for the patient, and the patient gets sad because he thinks he made his people sad, and it goes on.
I’m rambling too much. I hope you’ll follow your dad’s footsteps and be alright oh and merry christmas!

LyfWithEm (said): You’re right, you don’t need to apologise. What you’re going through is extremely tough, but you’re one of the strongest people I know on here and although you hate it so, so much, you’re strong enough to deal with it all. You don’t deserve ANY of this, but instead you deserve a long and loving life and maybe, just maybe, that will be granted to you. Always have hope. You always have us. We all love you.


Liv (said): Aspen…sometimes things are thrown at us to test our strength, and sometimes we stumble. But from hearing you talk since last July (I can’t believe it’s been that long) you’ve changed my life with your brave heart and a intrepid soul. YOU are amazing! And really, I can’t imagine a life without you now, because every day I get on and look for a Aspen post. So I’m praying every day for you to get better and I promise I will never lose hope! I love you!
Your blogging twin and friend,

ALSO I WOULD LIKE TO THANK SOMEONE ELSE. Some of you may know her as Sam O. Bscure, but we mainly talk over kik. Ever since we’ve started talking weeks ago, she asks me how I’m doing EVERY day and is soooooo supportive. She hasn’t been blogging in awhile, but I wanted to make sure I recognized her for how amazing she is! We get along so well, and you should DEFINITELY go check out her blog. Click  HERE NOW! Hmmm how about you post a comment saying anything you want, but sign off as AKA and then your name.

For example: “You’re amazing! AKA The Author”

Thanks to each and every one of you, you have no idea how much everything you say means to me! Look at how amazing these (and MANY more people are). I hope you guys are all doing well, if not lemme know, I’d love to help in any way I can 🙂

-Aspen AKA The Author


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