Hey y’all. So the end of 2nd quarter is tomorrow and I’m FREAKING OUT. I have all straight A’s and one C+ because my notebook up and disappeared. I’ve looked everywhere, even my friends house and it’s G-O-N-E.

Ughhhhh and I have a massive book report that’s due tomorrow in English that I may or may not have read the book for……..

Oh, and fun fact my legs stopped working this morning for some odd reason and I was FREAKING OUT. Like I couldnt move them or anything. It was terrifying. But after a while they fixed themselves so we’re all good.

We don’t have school this Monday so my family is going to be doing tile and our friends cabin, but since I’m a suffering cripple I get to stay home alone for the entire weekend. My friend Bex might come over Monday though and my twin is always a very viable option.

If y’all have any ideas on what I could do to keep myself entertained, please let me know!

Sorry this was boring, but I have a massive headache at the moment. Hope y’all are doing well. Love you 🙂 ❤