The Sibling Tag!

Hey y’all! So today, I have a special guest! My brother…..Spencer! He’s my only sibling, and today we are going to be doing the sibling tag ๐Ÿ™‚

Who’s The Oldest?ย 

Spencer: Me!

Aspen: What?!

Spencer: I’m more mature

Aspen: Lies!! (This led to a fifteen minute questioning period to prove that, I actually am WAY more mature then he will ever be. Kal and Ry, if you’re reading this, please leave a comment about this below)

What Do You Like and Dislike About Your sibling?

Spencer: Umm she’s annoying, very annoying and very smart Alec and never listens, to anything.

Aspen: *Glares* He’s a brat, and never pays attention, and is a LIAR. He’s also irresponsible and selfish. But there’s a few good things….. He can be super sweet and fun to hang out with. He’s also a great baker and basketball player.

Spencer: ย  You’re smart (He then proceeded to say, smarter than a cow and I smacked him. He’s just jealous of my brain power) You’re lovable, you read fast, and fun to hang out with.

What Do You and Your Sibling Have in Common?ย 

Spencer: We both play basketball and like video games.

Aspen: We have a similar temper which doesn’t work very well. We also laugh at a lot of the same things and love camping.

Would You Ever Name One of Your Kids After Them?

Spencer: *Insert weird look and shrug* I don’t know.

Aspen: Umm maybe? It’s a possibility.

Nicknames for Eachother?ย 

Spencer: Asp

Aspen: ย Spence and bucko

Do You Think You’ll Be Close When You’re Older? Do You Want To Be?ย 

Spencer: To you? Yeah, sure.

Aspen: Yeah I’d like to be

What’s One Thing They’ve Taught You?

Spencer: You helped teach me how to read and play basketball.

Aspen: To lighten up sometimes, and how to play better offense.


This is a picture of what happens with us almost daily XD

I hope you guys liked this! If you have siblings (or a sibling figure) answer one of these questions below! Love y’all!


27 Replies to “The Sibling Tag!”

  1. I had this in my tabs and im scrolling through and see ry and im like oh no… So here you go. Aspen is immature and needs a beeper bracelet

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