This is a response of sorts to the post Liv, my blogging twin wrote. Check it out here, it’s SO good!

If you’re tears burn like liquified flames carving their own selfish pathways down your cheeks, let them have their wicked way.

Let them encase all of you’re being until every ounce of sadness inside of you is only ashes. Memories of what used to be.

Let it burn until there is nothing left to keep the fire going. 

Sometimes when you’re stomach is empty of happiness, you’ll feel the ashes rise.

You’ll began to cough up embers of the past, leaving the ashes floating in front of your face. Staring at you mockingly, watching to see your face recoil in pain.

The ashes will twirl into a vortex towards you’re throat when you breathe in. And as they touch your tongue, they’ll spark.

Old memories ready to burn you all over again.

But I won’t let that happen.

I’ll reach my arms around your neck and pull you close. And the fire will be smothered.

-Aspen AKA The Girl Who Makes Poetry Out Of Pain