Why? The only question left unanswered, and the only one they want.

They already knew where, but that didn’t matter because the only place it stayed was in their minds.

They already knew when, but they didn’t care because it’s with them all the time.

They already knew how, but it wasn’t important because they only knew how they would never be able to forget it.

They already knew what, but it didn’t answer anything. The what started sounding like why. “What would make them do this?” “What could’ve stopped it?”

What?   What?    Why?    Why?   Why?   Why?  WHY?!

Why would you do what you did? Why did it happen how it did? Why did you choose to do it then? Why did you do it there? Why not here? Why not now? Why not like this? Why that?

Why… not at all?



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