Hey y’all so I am currently sitting in a bus. It is almost 8 o’clock in the morning and we got on at 7 last night.
That’s 13 hours and counting on a bus.


We’re going to take a quick nap at the hotel, get ready, and then go to competition.

My muscles are so weak right now. But I kind of got to lay done because the girl next to me laid on the floor where feet go.

I’m pretty sure most of us did that.

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!

-Aspen AKA debator,  out ✌



Hey y’all. Although it may look like I’m just an idiot who doesn’t know how to spell debate, this is actually how I in all my weirdness pronounce it.

Anyways, tomorrow evening after school I leave to Arizona State University to go to a National debate tournament until Sunday afternoon. That means I will try to respond to comments and maybe (MAYBE) try to post. But debate will obviously be coming first.

I’m super excited, although a little nervous. We have a 12 hour drive and I get super motion sick, and after everything that’s been happening I’m not too thrilled about it. But I’ve decided to take the liberty and take my sleeping pills that actually help me sleep instead of the new ones he prescribed me. The doctor said that if I really needed to I could take them, and I say this counts.

For this tournament I will be competing in two different events. First is Congress where we debate bills, give speeches, etc. And then poetry. In poetry I have to perform a piece written by someone else. The one I’ve chosen is called “Pass On” by Michael Lee and it is soooo good.

I’ll put a link to the video here: CLICK ME! CLICK ME!!!!

I’ve got some homework to finish and I still have to complete packing everything so I’ll see you guys later. Wish me luck, I love you!

Iron Man Broke My Heart

Hey ya’ll this is just a random post of whatever I decide to add. I found some stuff on the wide web of wonders that I thought was funny enough to show y’all. OH and one major thing (in my opinion.)

THE TRAILER FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR CAME OUT!!!!!!! And it’s heartbreaking. I would say that there are spoilers, but it’s a trailer so…. And if you don’t want to hear spoilers of the trailer, I’d suggest going to look it up on Youtube first. Oh and try not to cry.


First off, the plot line that we know so far is that the government wants all superheroes to sign the Superhero Registration Act.  Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Hawkeye, Falcon, and the Scarlet Witch all oppose this idea. There is also some evidence that Peggy Carter’s ( founder of S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America’s past love) niece is joining this side also.

On the other side, is Black Widow, War Machine (Iron Man’s best friend), Vision, Black Panther (oooh his first appearance in the movies!), and obviously the one and only, and definitely last but best, IRON MAN.

Uggh it really bothers me though because Tony (Iron Man) is usually the one choosing the rebellious side and I like rebellion, but no matter what I’m sticking with him. I’ve also heard that the Black Panther came back because Bucky killed his father, and that he had something to do with the death of Tony’s father Howard Stark.

Which would be terrible because Howard Stark and Peggy Carter (the girl Captain America was in love with before he was you know, frozen) worked together all the time while she was founding S.H.I.E.L.D.

I highly suggest watching the trailer if you haven’t, even if it’s heartbreaking it looks so good.

Here’s some random posts about it:




And there it is, the moment Tony Stark broke my heart.

“I’m sorry Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice, but he’s my friend” -Captain America

“So was I”-Iron Man




Okay I’m stuck on bed rest and super bored so there will probably be another post on just random stuff, feel free to ignore it XD

Love ya’ll!

Here’s To A Fresh Start!

Hey ya’ll! Happy New Year! I’m so excited to a have a new fresh start!
Here’s to amazing friendships, and a great year!

I got to celebrate with Ryann and I know that she’s going to be reading this (a faithful, but ghost follower) so I love you! I’m really looking forward to a new year together!

Here’s some pics of us, she did my makeup too XD



Me almost falling off the chair 😂



And then we sent this to my amazing twin Lauren who couldn’t be with us 🙂

Love ya’ll and Happy New Year!!!!

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