Underprivileged Boys??

This isn’t going to be some rant about how guys are so whiny and that they need to see how hard it is to be a girl, and this isn’t a misogynistic post either. This is a post on equality, which I highly believe in.


And okay, so we always see everything about girls being treated as equals in society. But even if men do get paid better, I want to talk about the personal aspect of things.  Girls are always told that they are princesses who don’t need a guy, they are beautiful and fierce, and capable of anything.

But, so are guys. Guys are strong, and funny, and deserve to “romanticized” too. I know, I know! It’s not manly, but who cares! Why can’t a guy be a prince, or a king, ora superhero? Sure he doesn’t need to “save the day”, but what’s wrong with making someone happy? What’s wrong with helping someone out when they need it? 

What’s wrong with wanting a so-called fairytale? Sure, a girl obviously deserves to have a guy that treats her right and knows her potential and worth, but a guy deserves a girl who knows that she can turn to him for help. A girl that makes him smile and can help conquer his fears.

Men are magical, and powerful, and fantastic people. Sure they do wrong! But it doesn’t mean we can group them all into a file of “masochistic douchebags”.

Fairytales are for everyone! Princess empowerment is great! Leave your tower, save China, start a business!

But maybe in another story a peasant boy is saving the world too! But now I’ve lost you, haven’t I? A guy saving the world, so stereotypical. This clearly means that everyone thinks the girl was incapable of doing anything for herself.

Well maybe, the guy is actually a decent being who was trying to help people in general! Maybe he’s not even in love, hell he may not even know “the girl”.

My point is that it doesn’t matter who is saving the world or living the fairytale. If both men and women are working for a better cause then it doesn’t matter. Double the empowerment, double the respect.

Can’t guys live happily ever after too?

(Sidenote: After writing this I went to look up a quote that went well with it and simply typed, “quotes about men” into google search and literally nothing positive came up. Hopefully I do find something.)


Infinity Dreams Award!

Hey y’all! So I’m getting my haircut in an hour (just as trim as far as I know for now….) and thought I’d finish up some awards since I haven’t posted in a few days!


I was nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award by the beautiful bloggers Reine and Liss and Dani . Thank you guys you’re so cute!

Here Are The Rules:

Tell us 11 facts about yourself.

Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.

Nominate 11 bloggers and set 11 questions for them.

11 Facts About Your’s Truly: 

  1. I did competition dance for 12 years
  2. I have a blossoming cherry tree outside of my window
  3. My room is actually clean!!
  4. I can somehow memorize a lot of random (like completely random) facts
  5. I used to have a pet ferret named Sniffers
  6. I love the feeling of being outside in the afternoon during the Spring
  7. We get to start learning (more, obviously we know a lot this is just really in depth) about Hitler in AP European History!
  8. I’m kind of convinced I’m psychic. I can usually tell when something is going to happen or I’ll actually see it
  9. I feel like I haven’t been on WordPress forever, but it’s only been a few days …..XD
  10. Lauren, Ryann, and I all hung out at our high school’s basketball game last night! It was really fun, but we lost in State championship semi-finals and it was our first loss all season….
  11. Let’s see…. hmmm….. oh there is less than 2 months till my 16th birthday! I like birthdays, but I really don’t want to turn 16……

(Since I was nominated twice I’ll pick some of my favorites, also some of them were duplicates)

Questions From Reine: 

1. What is your dream job?

I really want to be a pediatric cardiologist and write on the side!

2.  What is your favourite breakfast food?
Oooh! It’s an egg fried in the middle of a slice of bread! It’s so good….
3.What is your most listened to song at the moment?

Probably Head Over Boots, by Jon Pardi it’s sooooo adorable.

4. If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be and why?

Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, because he is literally my dream. He’s a genius and adorable.


Questions From Dani: 

 5. Favorite quote?

This is a really, really hard one. But since I really love Christopher Poindexter,

Sometimes, I sit alone under the stars
and think of the galaxies inside my
heart, and truly wonder if anyone will
ever want to make sense of all that
I am.

This is a really good one.

6. What’s something that always makes you really happy?

Days when the sun is barely shining and there’s a soft breeze, but it’s just warm enough to wear a t-shirt and you can sit outside with your friends having meaningful conversations.

7.What I this strangest thing that’s happened to you in the last week?

Hmmm I’m not really sure, but one is that I have been really happy for absolutely no reason.

8.In the next 5 years, what is one thing you’d like to see happen in the world?

I’d like to see some actual deserving presidential candidates that I’m not terrified about running my country XD And I would really love to just see the world come together more 🙂

9.What is your favorite food?

Well I love food, but my favorite is 7-Up chicken

10.Describe your blogging experience in four words.

My blog experience so far has been fun, supportive, happy, and thankful (If that makes any sense at all…..)

My Nominations: 

Letters To Emma

Claudia’s Thoughts

Sasshole Advice

Drama Llama 2016


Clairey Beary

My Questions: 

  1. Juice or milk?
  2. Hotdogs or Hamburgers?
  3. Choose your last words
  4. Do you have a favorite blanket?
  5. Favorite hairstyle?
  6. What’s your opinion on perfume?
  7. Is there a situation where friends overrule family?
  8. If you had to listen to one instrument for the rest of your life, what would it NOT be?
  9. Do you believe in participation trophies?
  10. How sentimental are you about your childhood?
  11. If you could ask me specifically one question, what would it be?


I’m Not Even European XD

Hey y’all. It’s a few minutes away from being 1 am and I just finished my AP European History homework. This is just a quick post to day that I should be back blogging by Saturday after all of my school stuff has been taken care of.
I have 3 tests tomorrow! AP Physics, AP European History (I’m not even European XD) and Math 3H. Yayyyyyy
I also have some awards to do and a few post ideas so be on the lookout!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl That’s Going To Sleep Now XD

100 POSTS!!!

Yooo dudes, I just finished the Social Media Blog Tag, and got the notification that it was my 100th post!

I had hoped to do something cool for it, but since I didn’t even realize, I’m going to do a 101st post on my top favorite 11 posts since I started blogging!

(These are in order by date, not my personal liking, by the way)

  1. I’m A Total Loser – I really like the style of this opinionated post, I’m thinking of doing more of them.
  2. Dear Future Husband– I love how this post is so honest,  yet silly.
  3. A Freewrite– This was the first freewrite I posted, and I LOVE one of the sentences in it… if you’re curious which one just leave a comment.
  4. What To Tell Myself When I’m Dying– Even though this isn’t necessarily exciting or happy, this is the start of, well everything.
  5. Messy– This is exactly what it says, messy, but true.
  6. I Miss You – I love how this turned out, it’s raw but poetic.
  7. Top Ten Events of 2015– I like how all the pictures and summaries of this one turned out.
  8. Photos! – This was the first photo post I had, and these pictures are pretty cute 🙂
  9. Let It Burn – If I could pick one thing to represent my writing, it’d be this.
  10. The Sibling Tag! – This post was more fun and silly, but it was fun to introduce my brother to the blogging world!
  11. My Favorite Book!– Seeing as my blog is about writing, I find this post just a little important.

Thank YOU all for sticking with me for 100 ( and 1) posts! Here’s to many more!



Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Really Having Fun With These Things XD

Social Media Blog Tag

Hey  y’all! So I was nominated for the Social Media Blog Tag by the wonderful  Letters To Emma , thank you so much! And I apologize for doing this so late xD

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that tagged you.
  • Choose a blog/blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  • Optional – Finish off the explanation with a gif and/or a # which best describes them.


Instagram- A Blog With  A Design You Love

Colby – I don’t even like cats, but this one is adorable. The animation makes everything seem more advanced and entertaining, plus the colors work really well together.

colby 2

colby's cat.gif


Facebook- A Blog With A Friendly Blogger

Sunny – She always is being upbeat and positive and making me smile! She follows her name, too!


Twitter- A Blogger Who Could Write 140 Characters And You Would Still Love Them 

Claudia– She always keeps me entertained, and I just love reading her posts! There is always something new and creative!


Youtube- A Blog You Are Convinced You Are The Number One Fan Of 

Liv– My blogging twin! By the way, if anyone disagrees with me on this, I will fight you. She’s so great and I love reading anything she posts and just hearing how everything is going!


fight me

Vine- A Blog You Haven’t Been Following For Long But Still Obsess Over

Sasshole Advice – You have no idea, this blog is like my spirit animal XD She’s an amazing blogger, and person!



Snapchat- The Blogger Whose Updates You Can’t Wait For 

Sam O. Bscure – Even though she doesn’t come on WordPress very often *cough, cough* ;), it makes me even more eager for updates! Her writing is great!


Tumblr- A Blog That Keeps You Entertained

Fibit – His posts and personality always keeps me entertained! That’s always very appreciated.



Pinterest- A Blog Full Of Creativity And Inspiration 

Letters To Emma– I know, I know she nominated me, but her posts are always so inspirational and colorful! ( I was actually thinking of the word Pinterest-y before I remembered that this was the social media tag…..)


For some reason, this took me forever to finish XD . I hope you all liked it, and like most people,  I’m nominating who I chose (some may have already done it). Comment down below if you like these posts with more gifs and pictures and I’ll try to spice up my posts a bit 🙂

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Just Found Out How To Put These Things Into Posts



Questioning My Religion?!

Hey y’all! So today I’ve been having a conversation with Sam O. Bscure about religion and I thought it’d be really fun to see if you guys had any questions about my beliefs! A lot of people had questions after my last religious post.

So, in order for you to even compile some questions, I’m going to give a quick overview of my beliefs, and then list some example questions!

Overview: In the premortal existence we lived as spirits with our Heavenly Father. Satan’s plan was for us to come to Earth without the ability to make wrong decisions and Jesus’ plan was for us to come to Earth and have agency. We came to Earth to receive a body and gain knowledge.

We are able to return to our Heavenly Father by following the 10 Commandments, the Word of Wisdom, being baptized and confirmed, being married in the temple, and repenting through the Atonement.

After we die, we are judged by God based on our knowledge of the gospel and how that corresponded with our actions on Earth. After this, we are placed in one of three kingdoms, Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial. In the Celestial kingdom (the highest) we are able to live with our Heavenly Father and Christ, and also our families. Since temple marriage means being married for eternity (not just Earthly life) you, your spouse, and children will all be able to be together again. ( You are also able to see the rest of your family members too, if they’ve made these covenants)

A few other key points are that the true gospel was restored by Joseph Smith, who also translated the Book of Mormon, our other scriptures.

We do baptisms, confirmations, and endowments (an ordinance you get usually before leaving on a mission or getting married that gives you more knowledge in way) for people have passed on (the dead) so that they are able to move on in the after-life.

People who didn’t have the chance to learn the gospel on Earth will have the opportunity to accept it after they die.

We also have a living prophet who receives revelation from God  in order to guide us in these latter days. Under him are the 12 apostles and the quorum of the 70. They appoint bishops over each ward (area specific groups that attend church together). The Bishop also has counselors who help appoint leaders of the Women, Men, Young Mens and Women, Primary, and many more.


  • My role in the gospel
  • My experiences with the church
  • Questions about the premortal existence
  • Questions about the Godhead
  • Our covenants and ordinances
  • Questions about prayers, church meetings, etc.
  • Anything you want clarified
  • Questions about temples

You are obviously free to ask ANY other questions you may have, these are just a few examples!

ALSO, here is the link to our church website right here if you want to take a look around at anything. BE SURE to comment down below, after all that is the point of this entire post!


I Just Want

I’m so tired. Tired of all these machines, tired of the people who should understand most being the least understanding. I guess it’s my fault for not mentioning that I cry myself to sleep almost every night. But they can’t think that it’s been easy, and that I can just walk through this without any problems.

And I’m tired of trying to explain to people who are trying to understand. I love them, and I appreciate it, I’m just so tired.

Because crying for hours makes my head hurt, and because the things that make me cry, make my head hurt.

I’m tired of saying, thank you, I’ll stay hopeful, I’m sure you’re right, maybe it will get better, positivity does make everything better.

I’m tired of lying through my teeth.

I’m tired of having to say no every time someone asks if I’m okay.

I’m tired of having to balance breathing and homework on the same scale.

I’m tired of hearing, have hope, I’m sorry, that must be hard, etc.

Well, this may be a shocker, but I know it’s hard.

And I’m tired of being weak, because I’m not.

I don’t need someone to save me, no one could if they tried.

I could save myself.

I just don’t want to save myself.

I just want my hands back.

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!

Hey y’all! So it’s currently 8 am and I’m in the car with my fam bam heading to my brother’s basketball game.
Yesterday Lauren and I played Wii Super Mario Bros for a few hours and then went to her house and made cupcakes!


They were really good! Although the ganache we made with it was really strong, but I’ll link the cupcake and filling recipe here.

This is a  more difficult recipe, but really fun! Today I’m babysitting one of my cousins, and might babysit three others later tonight too, so we’ll see.

We haven’t gotten the results from my MRI yet, they want another doctor to review them 😐
All I know is that my head still hurts from that machine.

How have y’all been? (Btw I’ve started the Social Media Tag so it should be up soon, sorry it’s not done yet….)
Comment below what you’re favorite cupcake flavor is, maybe I’ll try it out!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Was Baking Till 1 AM

Healthy Lunch Idea!

Hey y’all. Today I had my MRI and I was stuck in the machine for about an hour and half. Dudes you can’t move at all. They took me out half way through to give me a shot of liquid that lights up if there is certain diseases or anything. We don’t get the results till tomorrow so I’ll be sure to make an update. Dudes I still have a headache, they have you watch a movie too (I chose Avengers) while the machine is literally blaring the entire time (It’s the sound of the magnet being held on/connected to the machine).
Oh and just for fun, here’s a diagram of the machine itself:


ANYWAYS, this post is about a healthy, yummy lunch that I love to make: chefs salad!

Step 1: Add lettuce into your container of choice

Step 2: Add cheese, meat, and usually boiled egg. I didn’t have boiled egg this time, so it’s not in the picture. You can also obviously add whatever other toppings you’d like or not add others!


Step 3: Pack dressing in a separate small container. Also pack any other various snacks. I chose a mixture of Goldfish and Whales.


Step 4: Pick a drink, pack it all into a lunchbox, leave it in the fridge overnight (not required) and bring it with you in n the morning!


I hope you guys liked this, my last food post got quite a bit of attention. Love y’all!

Extreme Guilt

Hey y’all, so today my mom scheduled my MRI appointment for today after school.  Yesterday she told me how much it costs and I freaked out.
I felt like crap after hearing it, but then I got distracted until  after Bex and Lauren left.
Now I’m sitting in my first period class, AP Physics and ugggh guys like all I do is cost more and more money. And I know that money doesn’t matter when it comes to someone’s life and we’ll being. But, can’t I just suck it up?
All of this other crap has happened that hurts like hell. Ad yeah its constant pain, but this is just a stupid magnetic resonance imaging.
And I don’t even want to go! There’s no good answer here!
It’s either, you have a major spine problem, or no answer at all.
And every time there’s no answer my mom and dad just get more worried. My friends just get more worried. So do I.
Maybe…. none of this is worth it.
Pain, is just pain. I’m used to pain.

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