Hey y’all. So after school I got home and went to an friends house with another friend where we got some unsettling news and I spent the next few hours with my debate team. I’m not really in the mood to talk about it right now so you’ll hear about it soon enough.


I also just got 1,000 likes on this. I’m honestly not that happy about it right now, but I should be soon enough so I’m doing this thing. This thing will be where I take the person who was my 1000th like and let them choose between these options:
-Any topic you want me to write about
-Any tag post
-A collab post
-A challenge post
-A guest post
-Really anything you can come up with and would like to do.

And the winner is……..*drum roll please*
Perfect Blemish!!

I really do appreciate all your support.
Love y’all.