This Weekend

Hey y’all. So Tuesday night my debate coach’s wife passed away. She got in a car accident last week, and lived until then.
That night the team went to our captain’s house and lit candles and just hung out till about 11 o’clock at night.
Then yesterday I had an orchestra ensemble performance that lasted til 10 pm at the school so today I was sooooo loopy.
My coach came back to school yesterday, and I’ll have to go to his class tomorrow.
The funeral will be Saturday evening so I’ll go with the rest of my team. He’s even having it in the auditorium of our school.

My parents are leaving for the weekend to go work in our friends cabin which means that I’ll be home alone with my brother till Monday.

Other than he is going to my grandma’s and two of my aunts houses and Lauren will be in Idaho. So I’ll be alone.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going bowling with Ry and Jord tomorrow and then Saturday will be the funeral and afterwards Bex and I are going to see a Broadway type play or musical of some sort.

And Monday I will be spending the day with Hala catching up on a CRAP ton of work I missed, and most likely goofing off too.

Anyways, I am starting a Valentines post soon and if there are any questions, comments, or suggestions you have. Let me know down below 🙂

Love y’all.


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