Valentine’s Day!!


Hey y’all!! You ready for my rant on the day of love and heartbreak? Here it goes:

Honestly, I’m glad that Valentine’s Day is on the weekend this year. I hate going to school on V-Day, but not for the reason you’d think. I hate how people are so negative about everything. Just because they’re single they’re going around saying that they hate Valentine’s Day. Which is fine, you can hate Valentine’s Day and feel bad about being single all you want. But don’t rain on my parade.

And no, this isn’t just the opinion of someone who will be celebrating with a special someone, because I won’t. But in my opinion, V-Day isn’t just about loving your partner, it means friends and family too.

This year to celebrate, my friends and I went out bowling ( I won both times, insert score here XD)snapchat-4297430151682170592.jpg Β and then came back to my house to watch movies, do nails (GUYS I GOT ACRYLICS AND IT’S SO WEIRD), and stay up into the unimaginable hours of the night (well, morning).

I love being able to celebrate loving people, loving yourself, and just being happy. If you give me a holiday to celebrate, then I’ll take it. We need more happy in this world, and it does exist, we just don’t take advantage of it.

Valentine’s Day is one of those opportunities. And there is also CANDY. CANDY people.

Sure you may feel bad that you’re not in a relationship, but honestly it doesn’t matter.Other people love you, and don’t you dare say that no one does, because I do. HA. IN YOUR FACE.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to like Valentine’s, my point is to say that it doesn’t always have to be about being in a relationship. I’m just sick of people judging me for liking Valentine’s and always saying,”Oh, you must be in a relationship”. No, actually. Excuse me for being happy about LOVING PEOPLE.



Aspen AKA The Author

P.S. I hope you all have a wonderful, candy, (or in my case pie) filled weekend.

P.P.S I have a feeling you guys are going to see some more of my sassy, opinionated side.



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