Extreme Guilt

Hey y’all, so today my mom scheduled my MRI appointment for today after school.  Yesterday she told me how much it costs and I freaked out.
I felt like crap after hearing it, but then I got distracted until  after Bex and Lauren left.
Now I’m sitting in my first period class, AP Physics and ugggh guys like all I do is cost more and more money. And I know that money doesn’t matter when it comes to someone’s life and we’ll being. But, can’t I just suck it up?
All of this other crap has happened that hurts like hell. Ad yeah its constant pain, but this is just a stupid magnetic resonance imaging.
And I don’t even want to go! There’s no good answer here!
It’s either, you have a major spine problem, or no answer at all.
And every time there’s no answer my mom and dad just get more worried. My friends just get more worried. So do I.
Maybe…. none of this is worth it.
Pain, is just pain. I’m used to pain.

8 Replies to “Extreme Guilt”

  1. Your health is important, but also your happiness. It is your parents’ choice to spend so much money on you; they want you to be happy and painless. You should respect their opinion, but they should also respect yours. You should let them know, they might not change their minds but at least they’d know how you feel about it.

    Sorry, my advice is horrible.

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  2. Your health is super important and your mum is ready to spend that money on you because she cares about you, so try not to feel too horrible about it xx

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