Healthy Lunch Idea!

Hey y’all. Today I had my MRI and I was stuck in the machine for about an hour and half. Dudes you can’t move at all. They took me out half way through to give me a shot of liquid that lights up if there is certain diseases or anything. We don’t get the results till tomorrow so I’ll be sure to make an update. Dudes I still have a headache, they have you watch a movie too (I chose Avengers) while the machine is literally blaring the entire time (It’s the sound of the magnet being held on/connected to the machine).
Oh and just for fun, here’s a diagram of the machine itself:


ANYWAYS, this post is about a healthy, yummy lunch that I love to make: chefs salad!

Step 1: Add lettuce into your container of choice

Step 2: Add cheese, meat, and usually boiled egg. I didn’t have boiled egg this time, so it’s not in the picture. You can also obviously add whatever other toppings you’d like or not add others!


Step 3: Pack dressing in a separate small container. Also pack any other various snacks. I chose a mixture of Goldfish and Whales.


Step 4: Pick a drink, pack it all into a lunchbox, leave it in the fridge overnight (not required) and bring it with you in n the morning!


I hope you guys liked this, my last food post got quite a bit of attention. Love y’all!

8 Replies to “Healthy Lunch Idea!”

  1. Yeah, it’s not too bad compared to other things I’ve done. Plus the nurse was really nice, we have the same birthday.
    And RIGHT. Goldfish may or may not be my obsession.


  2. Hello there!! I have read your posts and saw the pictures you posted. and I just wanted to tell you that, It’s AMAZING!
    I was thinking that we could be blogging friend or even real life friend?! I followed your blog so would you follow mine too? We could be friends!! Nice to know you! ^^


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