Hey y’all! So it’s currently 8 am and I’m in the car with my fam bam heading to my brother’s basketball game.
Yesterday Lauren and I played Wii Super Mario Bros for a few hours and then went to her house and made cupcakes!


They were really good! Although the ganache we made with it was really strong, but I’ll link the cupcake and filling recipe here.

This is a  more difficult recipe, but really fun! Today I’m babysitting one of my cousins, and might babysit three others later tonight too, so we’ll see.

We haven’t gotten the results from my MRI yet, they want another doctor to review them 😐
All I know is that my head still hurts from that machine.

How have y’all been? (Btw I’ve started the Social Media Tag so it should be up soon, sorry it’s not done yet….)
Comment below what you’re favorite cupcake flavor is, maybe I’ll try it out!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Was Baking Till 1 AM