Questioning My Religion?!

Hey y’all! So today I’ve been having a conversation with Sam O. Bscure about religion and I thought it’d be really fun to see if you guys had any questions about my beliefs! A lot of people had questions after my last religious post.

So, in order for you to even compile some questions, I’m going to give a quick overview of my beliefs, and then list some example questions!

Overview: In the premortal existence we lived as spirits with our Heavenly Father. Satan’s plan was for us to come to Earth without the ability to make wrong decisions and Jesus’ plan was for us to come to Earth and have agency. We came to Earth to receive a body and gain knowledge.

We are able to return to our Heavenly Father by following the 10 Commandments, the Word of Wisdom, being baptized and confirmed, being married in the temple, and repenting through the Atonement.

After we die, we are judged by God based on our knowledge of the gospel and how that corresponded with our actions on Earth. After this, we are placed in one of three kingdoms, Telestial, Terrestrial, and Celestial. In the Celestial kingdom (the highest) we are able to live with our Heavenly Father and Christ, and also our families. Since temple marriage means being married for eternity (not just Earthly life) you, your spouse, and children will all be able to be together again. ( You are also able to see the rest of your family members too, if they’ve made these covenants)

A few other key points are that the true gospel was restored by Joseph Smith, who also translated the Book of Mormon, our other scriptures.

We do baptisms, confirmations, and endowments (an ordinance you get usually before leaving on a mission or getting married that gives you more knowledge in way) for people have passed on (the dead) so that they are able to move on in the after-life.

People who didn’t have the chance to learn the gospel on Earth will have the opportunity to accept it after they die.

We also have a living prophet who receives revelation from God  in order to guide us in these latter days. Under him are the 12 apostles and the quorum of the 70. They appoint bishops over each ward (area specific groups that attend church together). The Bishop also has counselors who help appoint leaders of the Women, Men, Young Mens and Women, Primary, and many more.


  • My role in the gospel
  • My experiences with the church
  • Questions about the premortal existence
  • Questions about the Godhead
  • Our covenants and ordinances
  • Questions about prayers, church meetings, etc.
  • Anything you want clarified
  • Questions about temples

You are obviously free to ask ANY other questions you may have, these are just a few examples!

ALSO, here is the link to our church website right here if you want to take a look around at anything. BE SURE to comment down below, after all that is the point of this entire post!



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