100 POSTS!!!

Yooo dudes, I just finished the Social Media Blog Tag, and got the notification that it was my 100th post!

I had hoped to do something cool for it, but since I didn’t even realize, I’m going to do a 101st post on my top favorite 11 posts since I started blogging!

(These are in order by date, not my personal liking, by the way)

  1. I’m A Total Loser – I really like the style of this opinionated post, I’m thinking of doing more of them.
  2. Dear Future Husband– I love how this post is so honest,  yet silly.
  3. A Freewrite– This was the first freewrite I posted, and I LOVE one of the sentences in it… if you’re curious which one just leave a comment.
  4. What To Tell Myself When I’m Dying– Even though this isn’t necessarily exciting or happy, this is the start of, well everything.
  5. Messy– This is exactly what it says, messy, but true.
  6. I Miss You – I love how this turned out, it’s raw but poetic.
  7. Top Ten Events of 2015– I like how all the pictures and summaries of this one turned out.
  8. Photos! – This was the first photo post I had, and these pictures are pretty cute 🙂
  9. Let It Burn – If I could pick one thing to represent my writing, it’d be this.
  10. The Sibling Tag! – This post was more fun and silly, but it was fun to introduce my brother to the blogging world!
  11. My Favorite Book!– Seeing as my blog is about writing, I find this post just a little important.

Thank YOU all for sticking with me for 100 ( and 1) posts! Here’s to many more!



Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Really Having Fun With These Things XD


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