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Hey  y’all! So I was nominated for the Social Media Blog Tag by the wonderful  Letters To Emma , thank you so much! And I apologize for doing this so late xD

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that tagged you.
  • Choose a blog/blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  • Optional – Finish off the explanation with a gif and/or a # which best describes them.


Instagram- A Blog With  A Design You Love

Colby – I don’t even like cats, but this one is adorable. The animation makes everything seem more advanced and entertaining, plus the colors work really well together.

colby 2

colby's cat.gif


Facebook- A Blog With A Friendly Blogger

Sunny – She always is being upbeat and positive and making me smile! She follows her name, too!


Twitter- A Blogger Who Could Write 140 Characters And You Would Still Love Them 

Claudia– She always keeps me entertained, and I just love reading her posts! There is always something new and creative!


Youtube- A Blog You Are Convinced You Are The Number One Fan Of 

Liv– My blogging twin! By the way, if anyone disagrees with me on this, I will fight you. She’s so great and I love reading anything she posts and just hearing how everything is going!


fight me

Vine- A Blog You Haven’t Been Following For Long But Still Obsess Over

Sasshole Advice – You have no idea, this blog is like my spirit animal XD She’s an amazing blogger, and person!



Snapchat- The Blogger Whose Updates You Can’t Wait For 

Sam O. Bscure – Even though she doesn’t come on WordPress very often *cough, cough* ;), it makes me even more eager for updates! Her writing is great!


Tumblr- A Blog That Keeps You Entertained

Fibit – His posts and personality always keeps me entertained! That’s always very appreciated.



Pinterest- A Blog Full Of Creativity And Inspiration 

Letters To Emma– I know, I know she nominated me, but her posts are always so inspirational and colorful! ( I was actually thinking of the word Pinterest-y before I remembered that this was the social media tag…..)


For some reason, this took me forever to finish XD . I hope you all liked it, and like most people,  I’m nominating who I chose (some may have already done it). Comment down below if you like these posts with more gifs and pictures and I’ll try to spice up my posts a bit 🙂

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Just Found Out How To Put These Things Into Posts




14 Replies to “Social Media Blog Tag”

  1. LITERALLY YES! Sunny always makes me smile, Liv and Letters to Emma are my inspirations, Sam’s my oldest blog friend, Fibit’s amazing – put it this way, I agree with ALL of your choices!

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