Underprivileged Boys??

This isn’t going to be some rant about how guys are so whiny and that they need to see how hard it is to be a girl, and this isn’t a misogynistic post either. This is a post on equality, which I highly believe in.


And okay, so we always see everything about girls being treated as equals in society. But even if men do get paid better, I want to talk about the personal aspect of things.  Girls are always told that they are princesses who don’t need a guy, they are beautiful and fierce, and capable of anything.

But, so are guys. Guys are strong, and funny, and deserve to “romanticized” too. I know, I know! It’s not manly, but who cares! Why can’t a guy be a prince, or a king, ora superhero? Sure he doesn’t need to “save the day”, but what’s wrong with making someone happy? What’s wrong with helping someone out when they need it? 

What’s wrong with wanting a so-called fairytale? Sure, a girl obviously deserves to have a guy that treats her right and knows her potential and worth, but a guy deserves a girl who knows that she can turn to him for help. A girl that makes him smile and can help conquer his fears.

Men are magical, and powerful, and fantastic people. Sure they do wrong! But it doesn’t mean we can group them all into a file of “masochistic douchebags”.

Fairytales are for everyone! Princess empowerment is great! Leave your tower, save China, start a business!

But maybe in another story a peasant boy is saving the world too! But now I’ve lost you, haven’t I? A guy saving the world, so stereotypical. This clearly means that everyone thinks the girl was incapable of doing anything for herself.

Well maybe, the guy is actually a decent being who was trying to help people in general! Maybe he’s not even in love, hell he may not even know “the girl”.

My point is that it doesn’t matter who is saving the world or living the fairytale. If both men and women are working for a better cause then it doesn’t matter. Double the empowerment, double the respect.

Can’t guys live happily ever after too?

(Sidenote: After writing this I went to look up a quote that went well with it and simply typed, “quotes about men” into google search and literally nothing positive came up. Hopefully I do find something.)

16 Replies to “Underprivileged Boys??”

  1. I originally was going to comment my opinion, but then it ended up being so long it could’ve been a post of its own. So I’ll just say that, I can see your perspective and I respect your opinion, honestly, but I think I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. And I don’t like to, but I just see things a little bit differently.

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  2. Agreed. I just believe that feminism has expanded too much…of course, in the days of women’s suffrage it was necessary, but now? I feel that it’s more a battle of superiority at times.

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