Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!

Hey y’all! So it’s currently 8 am and I’m in the car with my fam bam heading to my brother’s basketball game.
Yesterday Lauren and I played Wii Super Mario Bros for a few hours and then went to her house and made cupcakes!


They were really good! Although the ganache we made with it was really strong, but I’ll link the cupcake and filling recipe here.

This is a  more difficult recipe, but really fun! Today I’m babysitting one of my cousins, and might babysit three others later tonight too, so we’ll see.

We haven’t gotten the results from my MRI yet, they want another doctor to review them 😐
All I know is that my head still hurts from that machine.

How have y’all been? (Btw I’ve started the Social Media Tag so it should be up soon, sorry it’s not done yet….)
Comment below what you’re favorite cupcake flavor is, maybe I’ll try it out!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Was Baking Till 1 AM

Healthy Lunch Idea!

Hey y’all. Today I had my MRI and I was stuck in the machine for about an hour and half. Dudes you can’t move at all. They took me out half way through to give me a shot of liquid that lights up if there is certain diseases or anything. We don’t get the results till tomorrow so I’ll be sure to make an update. Dudes I still have a headache, they have you watch a movie too (I chose Avengers) while the machine is literally blaring the entire time (It’s the sound of the magnet being held on/connected to the machine).
Oh and just for fun, here’s a diagram of the machine itself:


ANYWAYS, this post is about a healthy, yummy lunch that I love to make: chefs salad!

Step 1: Add lettuce into your container of choice

Step 2: Add cheese, meat, and usually boiled egg. I didn’t have boiled egg this time, so it’s not in the picture. You can also obviously add whatever other toppings you’d like or not add others!


Step 3: Pack dressing in a separate small container. Also pack any other various snacks. I chose a mixture of Goldfish and Whales.


Step 4: Pick a drink, pack it all into a lunchbox, leave it in the fridge overnight (not required) and bring it with you in n the morning!


I hope you guys liked this, my last food post got quite a bit of attention. Love y’all!

Extreme Guilt

Hey y’all, so today my mom scheduled my MRI appointment for today after school.  Yesterday she told me how much it costs and I freaked out.
I felt like crap after hearing it, but then I got distracted until  after Bex and Lauren left.
Now I’m sitting in my first period class, AP Physics and ugggh guys like all I do is cost more and more money. And I know that money doesn’t matter when it comes to someone’s life and we’ll being. But, can’t I just suck it up?
All of this other crap has happened that hurts like hell. Ad yeah its constant pain, but this is just a stupid magnetic resonance imaging.
And I don’t even want to go! There’s no good answer here!
It’s either, you have a major spine problem, or no answer at all.
And every time there’s no answer my mom and dad just get more worried. My friends just get more worried. So do I.
Maybe…. none of this is worth it.
Pain, is just pain. I’m used to pain.

The ABC’s of Being Home Alone

Hey y’all, so I have been home alone since Friday morning and will be until later tonight, so I decided to to an A-Z list of things or ideas that occur when you’re home alone! (Well, at least when I am)

Ask everyone for rides, because you can’t drive yet.

Binge watch Criminal Minds

Cook lots of yummy food

Dance around the house

Eat as much pie as you want

Find your mom’s secret chocolate stash

Go to a performance with your friend!

Have dinner with a family in your neighborhood

Invite your friends over

Just lay around

Keep thinking you hear noises upstairs

Listen to Pandora on loop for hours

Make many WordPress posts

Not wear any pants. It’s glorious.

Open the fridge and cupboards a million times

Procrastinate doing homework

Quit forgetting to take your pills……

Read, read, read, etc.

Stay up into the wee hours of the morning.

Talk to your twin who left  you for Idaho.

Unlock and relock the door a few times, just in case.

Visibly struggle to not think of every possible way you could be murdered, tortured, raped,etc.

Wash all of the dishes

Xeranthemum, a plant you found while searching for words that start with x

Youtube. So much youtube.

Zoom around the wood floors in socks


The next post I have planned, I am super excited to film. Yes, film! Stay tuned, next time on AKA The Author, Aspen goes deep with an interview on who someone really is.

Oh my gosh, I’m an idiot XD Love y’all-Aspen AKA The Girl Who is Apparently a Reporter

Breakfast Pizza & Smoothies

Hey y’all! So today  my brother and I decided to make breakfast pizza and it was really good! So I thought that I would share the recipe with all of you!

Note: None of these ingredients are specific amount, it just correlates with what you want and like.

Step 1: Spray  the skillet with cooking spray


Step 2: Scramble and fry the eggs


Step 3: Cook the hash browns until golden brown (they’re uncooked in the picture)



Step 4: After everything is cooked, spread the hash browns across the bottom of a circular pan.



Step 5: Layer the eggs and other toppings onto the hash browns. We used ham and cheese, but you can add anything you want!


Now for the smoothies!

Step 1: Take your fruit of choice (I used bananas, raspberries, and blueberries) and mix it with milk or juice in a blender. If the fruit isn’t frozen (mine was) also add ice.


Step 2: Blend until it’s to the consistency you want! You can also add sugar if you want it to  be sweeter.


And finally, ENJOY! 


I hope you guys enjoyed this! It was something  a little different.

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA Smoothie Obsessed




If You Could Hie to Kolob

It’s 2:48 am right now, and I just finished writing my lesson for church tomorrow and I was listening to music. On Pandora, there is a Mormon Tabernacle station and one of my favorite songs came on. I’ve been learning it on cello, and I also have the first few lines on violin memorized.

I’m going to insert a video here that has the song being sung by a choir so that you guys can get the full effect.

In my religion, Kolob is the star nearest to the throne of God. This song is saying that God’s works have no end, both his love and his glory. A very large part of our religion is that we will live again with our Heavenly Father and have the opportunity to become a God just like him and create our own world’s.

The lesson I’m teaching is “Who I Am and Who I Can Be”. And although many of you may not be religious or have a different religion, I always find it interesting to hear other people’s beliefs.

So let’s start with who we are. One thing that is always stressed in our church is our importance to God. He is such a mighty being, but he loves us so unconditionally and with such mercy. We were made in God’s own image and he wants the best for us so that we can return to him. We are always told that we are sons and daughters of a King. This is why while we do use the terms God and Lord, a very common one is Heavenly Father.

I love this song so much and I feel like I need to write this down and get it out somewhere, so I’m going to do something called “bearing your testimony”.

I’d like to bear my testimony that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel to the Earth and that Thomas S. Monson is a true and living prophet of God.

I know that eternal families are true, and that even after death I will be able to be with my loved ones. I know that the priesthood keys are passed down through worthy individuals to bless our lives. I know that because of these keys, I was able to be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church for those who have passed on so that they may enter the Kingdom of God.

I know that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for us, and because of it I am able to repent and be forgiven for my sins.

I know that I am a daughter of a kind and caring Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me.


Valentine’s Day!!


Hey y’all!! You ready for my rant on the day of love and heartbreak? Here it goes:

Honestly, I’m glad that Valentine’s Day is on the weekend this year. I hate going to school on V-Day, but not for the reason you’d think. I hate how people are so negative about everything. Just because they’re single they’re going around saying that they hate Valentine’s Day. Which is fine, you can hate Valentine’s Day and feel bad about being single all you want. But don’t rain on my parade.

And no, this isn’t just the opinion of someone who will be celebrating with a special someone, because I won’t. But in my opinion, V-Day isn’t just about loving your partner, it means friends and family too.

This year to celebrate, my friends and I went out bowling ( I won both times, insert score here XD)snapchat-4297430151682170592.jpg  and then came back to my house to watch movies, do nails (GUYS I GOT ACRYLICS AND IT’S SO WEIRD), and stay up into the unimaginable hours of the night (well, morning).

I love being able to celebrate loving people, loving yourself, and just being happy. If you give me a holiday to celebrate, then I’ll take it. We need more happy in this world, and it does exist, we just don’t take advantage of it.

Valentine’s Day is one of those opportunities. And there is also CANDY. CANDY people.

Sure you may feel bad that you’re not in a relationship, but honestly it doesn’t matter.Other people love you, and don’t you dare say that no one does, because I do. HA. IN YOUR FACE.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to like Valentine’s, my point is to say that it doesn’t always have to be about being in a relationship. I’m just sick of people judging me for liking Valentine’s and always saying,”Oh, you must be in a relationship”. No, actually. Excuse me for being happy about LOVING PEOPLE.



Aspen AKA The Author

P.S. I hope you all have a wonderful, candy, (or in my case pie) filled weekend.

P.P.S I have a feeling you guys are going to see some more of my sassy, opinionated side.