Wonder Women Tag!!

wonder women

Hey y’all! So I was nominated by Ruth from Fearlessly Loud to do this tag! I think this is a really cool idea, so thank you so much!

The Rules
– Mention and link the person who tagged you.
– Link the creator of this tag.
– Tag five female bloggers who inspire you and give a reason why.
– Nominate the five mentioned female bloggers to do the tag!
– Copy paste the rules and add the header image, too.

The 5 female bloggers that inspire me are… *drumroll please*……

  1. Love, Sydney: Your blog posts are always so fabulous, and I love the fact that I am able to know your opinion on a lot of topics, which in turn makes me feel like I know you more 🙂 You’re the bomb diggity, girl 😉 P.S. I love you Sydney (So original, I know. But I had to put it…)


2.Infinitmagic: I’ve really been interested in your blog lately, and I love how eccentric and genuine you are. Keep it up!


3.lifeofteengirls: Okay, I know there are two of you, but I figured this was a way to sneak more people into this award XD I’ve really grown to appreciate how I can tell which person is which now. Your blog posts are always up to date and entertaining!

dani and liss.jpg

4. Sunny: You already know how I feel about you. You’re passionate and also sweet which definitely helps me see the other side of the spectrum. You’ve been here with me every step of the way 🙂


5. Liv: For some reason you just remind me of like a cobblestone street somewhere you’ve never been, in the morning just before the sun has risen. Like a deep connection to a day of possibilities.

cobble 2.jpg

So I nominate everyone that I tagged, I love all of you!

P.S. This might sound self absorbed, but I would really love to hit 200 followers before my birthday. That means there are 31 days to get 41 more followers…. eep!


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