3 Day Quote Challenge


I love Criminal Minds, and love Dr. Spencer Reid even more, so if you add those to Stephen King, you get this quote. True, deep, and intriguing.

It gets your thought process going and illustrates the process of monsters changing from outside things to inner demons.

I love y’all- Aspen AKA Mrs. Reid ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 Day Quote Challenge

Hey y’all! So I was nominated by Fearlessly Loud . Thank you lots!


(By Irving Stone)

I love this. It shows that the hardworkers are even more rare than progidies.

Homemade French Fries

Hey y’all! So today my cousins slept over, and since I was majorly craving french fries since last night we made some from scratch!

I don’t have pictures of the first steps, but I’ll list em ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 1: Wash, peel, and slice the potatoes into the size of your choice.

Step 2: Fry them!


Step 3: Season them with either salt or seasoning of choice



Step 4 (not required): Eat with a meal of choice, we had chicken sandwiches.

I put melted mozzarella on mine, with tomatoes and lettuce on a grilled bun. Plus we drank mango peach juice with it!





Oh, and if you’re my dad and make a mess, wear a bib! Or a kids apron like the one my mom tied on him xD


Love y’all and hope you liked it!

Thoughtful Scribbles: Lowercase

They say the word LOWERCASE as if it should never be written in capitals.
These letters aren’t titles, names headlines, or dates.
The little letters can’t possibly be as important as capitals.
The little letters between Once and The End, don’t mean anything.

Oh! Hey y’all, so I hoped you like this small Thoughtful Scribble. One of the very next posts will be How To: Survive A Day Of School, I was going to do it today but didn’t have enough time.

Also, I’ve decided that the name for my longer poetry is going to be called….. *drum roll*…… Poetree with Aspen!

Haha, haha, get it? Okay so it’s not that funny, but I still Iike it. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Love y’all- Aspen AKA The Author

Help Me Choose!

Hey y’all so I have to make up some stuff for Spanish class, my teacher is making me do a half page summary on news articles for every day that I missed which is A LOT. And I have quite a few math papers to finish before tomorrow morning.

So I don’t have time to make a decision on what to write for a post and since you guys are the ones stuck reading it, I decided that I’ll have you guys make the decision for me! (I’m so productive I know…)

So here are the options:

  • How To: Survive A Day Of School
  • To People Who Hate Country Music
  • Thoughtful Scribbles (The writing I find all over my notebooks)
  • Or anything else you can think of!


Thanks for the help! Y audios amigos, yo voy a hacer mi tarea ahora…

I’m Not Nice, But I Am Kind

Hey y’all. So recently I have regained some of my “spunk” and I feel like you guys haven’t seen a large part of me. My sarcastic, brutally honest, sassy side. I’ve really been itching to do more argumentative posts, and I felt like you guys all needed a warning.

not nice

I AM NOT A NICE PERSON. At all. Ever. I don’t believe in the word nice, and will never use it as a positive thing. “Nice” is ultimately the complete bane of my existence, the one attribute and type of person that I cannot stand.

Now, before you all freak out and tell me how terrible of a person I am and blah blah blah (not that I would really care….)

This is the definition of nice:

Nice: adj; pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance; socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous

Essentially, this means that you are being positive and agreeable to fit in with society, also knows as agreeing with someone or being “nice” to someone because you are expected to.

The definition of kind is as follows:

Kind: adj; having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior; characterized by mercy, and compassion


This means that people are being helpful and aware of others because they WANT to. They genuinely care about other people. Which brings me into my point of honesty.

Now I’m not just honest, I’m brutally honest. In my opinion, it is better for someone to be hurt at first rather than to feel lied to in the end. I have a huge issue with trust, and this would just blow it over the edge.

I actually can keep my mouth shut, but if you ask for my opinion, I will tell you what I actually think about the situation. No exceptions. No lies.

not rude

In the end, what I’m trying to say is that I will be giving my opinion, regardless of what you think. This doesn’t mean I don’t value your thoughts in any way, but I will NOT be apologizing.

(Sidenote: I understand that some of you may disagree with me on my view of never being nice and being brutally honest, and that will never be me. This is not because I don’t think I can “change” but because I don’t want or feel the need to. )

And this doesn’t mean I am going to be a complete jerk in any way, I just thought a fair warning was in order.

I love all of you! – Aspen AKA The Sass Queen



Hey y’all! So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a Bloglovin account for AKA The Author, go check it outย here!ย and follow it if you feel so inclined ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I should be posting something else soon, but if not Happy Leap Year!

My friends and I are going out to get matching sweatpants for ARD (Aspen Revival Day) and to just hang out so I’m excited. Plus I don’t have school Tuesday OR Wednesday this week!

HAAHHA in your face suckers!!