April 3

Hey y’all! So this is the post of April birthdays that I have gotten! In my opinion, April is the best month to have a birthday since the weather is generally nice, but it’s still during the school year so you can celebrate and all of that. Although I may be a little biased since my birthday’s in April…. xD

Here are some random facts about April Birthdays: 

  • From March 21-April 20 are Aries
  • From April 21-May 20 are Taurus
  • The birthstone for April is the diamond
  • The flower is the Sweet Pea and the Daisy

Now onto the birthdays!

On the 2nd day of April is Infinit Magic’s Birthday!! She will be turning 11 which is my lucky (and favorite) number. Her family is going through some hard things right now and I can’t believe how strong she has been. We’ve become pretty good friends (if I do say so myself) and want to wish you an amazing day!!

On the 7th day of April is Colby’s  Birthday!! She will be turning 16 and already got a new car yesterday which is super cool. She was actually my first follower and I love her tons! Hope you have an awesome birthday Cobalt 😉

Also on the 7th day of April is Tara’s Birthday!! She is such a sweet blogger and I love love having her in the community!! Have an awesome blossom day!

On the 11th day of April is MY birthday! I will also be turning 16 and I’m pretty excited. I can’t believe I’ve grown up this fast! And even if it sounds odd… Happy Birthday to me! xD

ALSO on the 11th day of April is Liss’s Birthday!! (Which is the best day EVER… *cough*) She is super amazing and I’ve loved getting to know her more, especially now that I can tell the difference between their writing! Love you and have an awesome day!!

On the 27th day of April is my blogging twin AKA Liv’s Birthday! She is going to be turning 16 TOO XD Dang I love this girl so much, she is such an amazing funny person. I hope you have an amazing day, and don’t get too sad 😉 At least growing up isn’t that bad, yet 🙂

Also, on the 27th of April is Hanna’s Birthday! She didn’t want to disclose her age though 🙂 I don’t know much about her, but after checking our her blog she seems really cool. I do hope she keeps blogging!

And then on the 29th of April is GeorgieGirl’s Birthday! She didn’t want to disclose her age either 🙂 Your blog is really fun and professional, I hope you have an awesome day celebrating another year of existence!

Okay, so the thing I think I’m going to do for the birthdays is have all of you comment down below something (s) about one or more people whose birthday it is. I will create a quick little post about celebrating their birthday and then copy and paste the comments about them onto it, and then have them post it on their blogs!

What do y’all think?

ALSO if your birthday is in April and you have NOT commented yet, then please do now so I can add you to the list!

Go comment about these beautiful aging people! Now, shoo!

Love y’all-Aspen AKA The Girl Who Can’t Believe She’s Going To Be Sixteen



25 Replies to “APRIL BIRTHDAYS!!!”

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it totally it the best day ever though*cough* *cough* and I can’t believe it I love you too girl ~Liss 🙂 ❤

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  2. OMG OMG OMG I’M ON HERE!!! Yay! Thanks so much for having me on here! p.s. if you’re curious about my age, let’s just say I’m turning an unlucky number… can you guess what??

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  3. Ha ha, I cannot confirm nor deny that… I’m just kidding, I AM turning 13! Supposedly unlucky… though it could be worse… this kid in my grade turned 13 on Friday the 13th! Good thing he’s not superstitious…

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