Hey y’all…. so I’m sick. Again. With laryngitis. I’m coughing like crazy, and my head is throbbing..
I went to school today, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. But I curled my hair so I mean even if I look like I’m dying, it counteracts, right?


Maybe not xD

Anyways, my birthday party was this weekend and I had a lot of fun with my friends. We played some really funny games and had delicious coconut. I’ll insert some pictures here.





Guys the cake was sooo good. Other than the fact that I was coughing so hard I choked and could only eat like 2 bites.
Everyone was staring at me and my dad just got me a drink. But Lauren helped me put the cake away and settle down a bit.

We also went outside to my new firepit and cooked smores with flat marshmallows and then came back in and watched Age of Ultron.

I had a really good time! Hope you all are doing okay! Hopefully I get better soon xD

-Aspen AKA *coughs incessantly*


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